The world against US Blockade


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The world against US Blockade
Former U.S. Newscaster Dan Rather Says Obama Needs to Change His Policies. More…

Bolivian youths demand lifting of U.S. Blockade against Cuba. More…

Rev. Jesse Jackson says he hopes the wall between the U.S. and Cuba will fall. More…

Namibian Ambassador to South Africa reiterates his country opposition to the blockade against Cuba More…

Latin American and Caribbean Economic System Condemns U.S. Blockade of Cuba. More…

Chileans Ask Obama to Lift Blockade to Cuba. More…

Freedom for the Cuban Five and Lifting of the Blockade Demanded in France. More…

Grand Mufti of Lebanon Condemns US Blockade of Cuba More…

Tunisian Intellectual Demands Lifting of the Blockade against Cuba More…

Anti-imperialist Tribunal Condemns Blockade against Cuba More…

Delegates at the WFYS against the Blockade Imposed by the US on Cuba More…

CARICOM Condemns US Economic Blockade against Cuba More…

Head of the Russian Orthodox Church Condemns U.S. Economic Blockade of Cuba More…

Russia Backs Cuba against U.S. Blockade More…

Iberoamerican Summit Will Urge Washington to End Blockade of Cuba  More…

Nicaraguan President:  Nicaragua will remain firmly opposed to the U.S. blockade. More…

Federation of Trade Unions and NGOs in Trinidad and Tobago Demand End of US Blockade of Cuba More…

UITBB condemns the criminal economic, commercial and
financial blockade by the United States government against Cuba More…

Protests against Obama’s Visit to India: Demonstrators to Demand End of US Blockade More…

Press release issued by the Seychelles People’s Party Weekly. More…

Former Ambassador of Grenada to Cuba Demands Lifting of the Blockade. More…

OLADE Ministers Condemn U.S. Blockade on Cuba More…

Friends of Cuba in Grenada Demand Lifting of the Blockade. More…

South African media underline the importance of the un resolution against the blockade More…

World Condemns U.S. Blockade against Cuba at UN General Assembly More…

Australian groups call on President Obama to end the U.S. blockade of Cuba More…

Panamanian Journalists Condemn U.S. Blockade Against Cuba More…

Jamaica Supports Lifting of U.S. Blockade against Cuba More…

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe condemned the Blockade to Cuba More…

Caribbean Forum on US Blockade of Cuba More…

Venezuelan President Reiterates Rejection of US Blockade against Cuba More…

World Federation of Democratic Youth Calls for End of Blockade of Cuba More…

Lifting of the U.S. Blockade Demanded in Grenada. More…

International Condemnation of the US Blockade of Cuba on the Rise More…

Strong condemnation of the blockade imposed by the government of the United States against Cuba at the United NationsMore…

Uruguay and Paraguay against Washington’s Blockade of Cuba More…

Activists in the Seychelles Demanded the U.S. lift the cruel and inhuman blockade against Cuba More…

Bolivia’s Evo Morales Reaffirms His Rejection of US Blockade against Cuba More…

Lesotho reiterates the call for the end of the blockade against Cuba More…

Cuban Medical brigade in Zimbabwe demand the end of the Blockade. More…

South African Foreign Minister reiterates her country historic position opposing the US blockade against Cuba More…

U.S. Delegates : that the U.S. blockade against Cuba impedes the exchange of scientific knowledge between specialists in the two countries More…

International Community Demands End of US Blockade of Cuba at United Nations More…

Brazil Calls for the End of U.S. Blockade against Cuba at the United Nations. More…

Confirmed in Indonesia that the blockade of the United States against Cuba is maintained intact.  More…

Ecuadorian President: my country will always be against the imperialist blockade of the United States against Cuba More…

Sao Paulo Forum Urges US to End Blockade Against Cuba More…

Argentinians Call for the End of U.S. Blockade against Cuba More…

Venceremos Brigade Condemns U.S. Blockade Against Cuba More…

Political Discrimination by the European Union against Cuba Condemned in Spain More…

CARICOM Urges US to Lift Blockade against Cuba  More…  

Mauritian Minister of Education and Human Resources ratifies his position against the US Blockade on Cuba. More…

Minister of Industry and Commerce of Mauritius expresses his support to Cuba More…

Cuban Ambassador meets with Mauritian Deputy Prime Minister More…

Foreign Minister of Lesotho Ratifies his Opposition to the US Blockade against Cuba More

Malawi Vice-President Condemned the US Blockade against Cuba More

Great Acceptance in Ireland to Cuban Documentary on US Blockade More 

Spanish Groups: USA, Stop Blockade on Cuba More

Cuban Community in Grenada Sends Message to U.S. President Demanding the Lifting of the Blockade. More

US Scientists Request End of Blockade against Cuba More

Latin American Group Demands End of US Blockade against Cuba More

French Personalities Condemn US Blockade of Cuba More

US Blockade against Cuba Condemned in Uruguay and Ireland More

Spanish Singer Describes US blockade of Cuba as Torture More

Brazilian President Challenges Barack Obama to Lift Blockade on Cuba More

Nobel Prize Winner Nadine Gordimer Demands End of US Blockade of Cuba More

US Senator calls on Obama to Eliminate Funding for U.S. Illegal Broadcasts to Cuba More

Chileans Rally Against US Blockade on Cuba More

Ecuador Says Washington’s Economic Blockade is Criminal More

Russian Venceremos Movement and Cuban Residents in Colombia Demand Washington End Blockade Against Cuba

Cubans in Bolivia Decry US Blockade 

Laotian Ambassador Rejects US Blockade of Cuba More

US Blockade of Cuba Condemned in Kazakhstan and Belarus More

Rejection of US Blockade against Cuba Continues around the World More

US Economic Blockade against Cuba Outdated: Says Argentinean Foreign Minister  More

UN-CUBA: If Blockade, There Will be Condemnation More

Cuban Foreign Minister Refutes at the UN Statements by US Ambassador More

UN Condemns US Blockade on Cuba More

UN General Assembly Votes Today on Cuban Resolution against US Blockade More

Open Letter to the Cuban People from Seychelles-Cuba Friendship Association More

Declaration of the Association of Cuban residents in Ghana against the U.S. blockade against CubaMore

World Charges again at US Blockade on Cuba More

U.S. Blockade against Cuba Discussed in OAS Meeting More

Cuba Gets African Support Against US Blockade More   

Evo Morales Urges Washington to Lift US Blockade of Cuba More

Guinea Bissau Joins Claims for the End of US Blockade More

Parlatino Commissions Condemn US Blockade of Cuba More

Constant Demand vs. Blockade on Cuba at UN More   

African-South American Summit Urges U.S. to Lift Blockade of Cuba More

Calls at UN for anti-Cuba blockade to be lifted More

Guatemalan President Demands End of US Blockade against Cuba More

South African President Calls for the End of U.S. Blockade of Cuba More

AFL-CIO Demands End of U.S. Blockade against Cuba More 

New president of General Assembly reiterates condemnation of blockade of Cuba More

Croatian President Rejects US Blockade against Cuba More
English Trade Unionists Condemn US Blockade against Cuba More

The Committee for the Release of the Five and The Namibia-Cuba Friendship Association

Demand the definitive Lifting of the US Blockade against Cuba More
East Timor Ratifies Opposition to US Blockade and Support of the Cuban Five More
Cuban foreign minister affirms viability of socialism despite blockade More

The New York Times Publishes Letter on U.S. Blockade Hindering Scientific Research between Washington and Havana More
Correa condemns U.S. blockade of Cuba More

Zimbabwe’s Vice President calls for the lifting of sanctions against Cuba and Zimbabwe More

Sao Paulo’s Forum Seeks to Meet with Obama to Discuss Cuba-Related Issues More

US Citizens Who Challenged Blockade of Cuba Return to America More

Lucius Walker: The US Blockade of Cuba Is Still a Reality More

Cuban President Thanks NAM Countries’ Rejection of US Economic Blockade  More

End Cuba Blockade, Russian Leader More

US Blockade of Cuba Denounced in New Zealand More

Honduran President Demands Lifting of US blockade against Cuba More

Summit of Indigenous Peoples Demands End of US Blockade of Cuba More

Brazilians Censure US Blockade on Cuba More

ALBA Countries Will Demand End of US Blockade of Cuba More

Bolivian Deputy FM Condemns US Blockade of Cuba More

Illegal US Anti-Cuba Measure Criticized at WTO More

Chile Conference Demands End of US Blockade against Cuba More

Argentinean Senate Demands End of US Blockade on Cuba More

French Organization Asks US to Lift Blockade against Cuba More

Prime Minister of Belize Supports the Lifting of the US Blockade on Cuba More

US Urged to Lift Cuba Blockade More

Argentina Says End Blockade of Cuba More

Regional Leaders to Demand End of US Blockade of Cuba  More

People’s Summit: End Blockade of Cuba More

Latin American and European Parliamentarians Demand End of US Blockade of Cuba. More

Bolivia to Demand End of US Blockade of Cuba. More

SELA Opposes US Blockade on Cuba. More

Cuba Appreciates Arab Support Against U.S Blockade. More

CentAm for End of Cuba Blockade. More

Hugo Chavez Asks Barack Obama to End Blockade of Cuba. More

Venezuelan President Criticizes US Blockade of Cuba. More

US Organizations Urge Washington to End Economic Blockade of Cuba. More

Palestinian Foreign Minister Condemns US Blockade of Cuba. More

Grenada Affirms its Rejection of US Blockade of Cuba. More

Mexican Senate Asks Obama to Lift Blockade on Cuba. More

U.S Senator Urges Revision of Sanctions Against Cuba. More

The blockade is unjust and anachronistic; it needs to end

Affirms Guatemalan president after arriving in Cuba. More

Russia Condemns US Economic Blockade of Cuba. More

Letter from U.S. Artists, Arts Presenters, Arts Educators and Cultural Scholars in support of Cultural Relations with Cuba. More

Text of the letter sent to Obama by Agricultural Organizations regarding expanded US trade and travel with Cuba. More

Lula da Silva Called on Obama to Change US Policy towards Latin America. More

Why the Obama Should Normalise US Relations with Cuba. More

Dominica PM says Obama should Lift US Blockade of Cuba. More

End Cuba embargo. More

Latin American and Caribbean Summit Calls for End to U.S. Blockade Against Cuba More

World Union Federation Demands End of US Blockade of Cuba More

Brazilian parliamentarians send document to Obama calling for an end to the blockade Ambassador Clifford Sobel More

Special Declaration on the Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade Imposed on Cuba by the Government of the United States of America, Including the Application of the  So-Called Helms-Burton Act More

Most Cuban-Americans Reject US Blockade More

CARICOM Urges End of US Blockade of Cuba More

Bolivians Active in Opposing US Blockade of Cuba More

Chileans Demand Action to End US Blockade Against Cuba More

The World Stands by Cuba, says Culture Minister More

Communist Party of Australia CENTRAL COMMITTEE More

Overwhelming International Rejection of US Blockade of Cuba at UN More

G-77, CARICOM vs. US Blockade on Cuba More

UN to Put US Blockade on Cuba to Vote More

UN to Vote on US Blockade of Cuba More

Australians vs. US Blockade of Cuba More

Russian MPs Condemn US Blockade Against Cuba More

Cuba, Japan Artists Denounce Blockade More

Spain to vote against blockade More

Statements of Parents of Surinamese students in Cuba against the economic, commercial and financial blockade of America against Cuba More

Most Americans Support Revision of US Policy towards Cuba More

Steven Soderbergh Criticizes Washington’s Hostile Cuba Policy More

Bolivians Demand an End to U.S. Blockade of Cuba More

LatAm Reporters Blast Cuba Blockade More

Nigeria Opposes US Blockade of Cuba More

Cuban Five Solidarity Committee Calls for World Support of Cuba More

Increasing International Rejection of US Blockade against Cuba More

Pastors for Peace to Continue Challenging US Blockade of Cuba More

US Officials Release Computers Donated to Cuba  More

Colombo Declaration: End US Blockade on Cuba More

Asia-Pacific Group Demands US End Blockade on Cuba More

Solidarity with Cuba Caravan to Defy Washington’s Blockade  More

Spain and Mexico Urge EU to Lift Sanctions against Cuba More

Solidarity message sent by the 2006 Hungarian Labor Party More

African Minister VS US anti-Cuba Blockade More

Cuban Residents in Argentina Condemn Washington´s Hostile Policy Towards the Island More

Cuban Residents in Peru Condemn US Economic Blockade More
Letter by “Amigos de Cuba – Granada” More

Vietnam Tells United States End Cuba Blockade More

Voting against US Blockade on Cuba Sets Record More

ACP Group Demands An End to Washington’s Exterritorial Laws More
US Philosophers Against Cuba Blockade More


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