Five Cuban citizens – René, Gerardo, Fernando, Ramón y Antonio – were incarcerated in the United States on September 12th, 1998. The Cuban Five were residing in the United States by the time they were imprisoned.

A judicial process with no warranties and a lack of evidence condemned them to unjust penalties that go from 15 years to 2 life sentences. The General Attorney of the United States has admitted that there is a lack of evidence in the process (2001). Still, the Cuban Five are incarcerated in different prisons through out the United States.

It is a general opinion that the Cuban Five were victims of a political trial and that the American justice has proved that being a Cuban citizen and a revolutionary in the United States is an easy way to get to prison.

The Committee of Arbitraries Detentions of the United Nations Organizations is interested in the case and questions the environment in which the trial was performed.

After 12 years of defending their principles, the Five have been recognized by the world as fighters against terrorist plans that have Cuba as target.

The only crime the Five have committed is to inform about terrorist plans undertaken in the United States against the Cuban people; and to denounce terrorist plans against Cuba in which the American people was endangered.

Since their detention, they have suffered very strict measures: they have been isolated in the so called “hole”; the US government has done everything to prevent them from seeing their families; the American law has been broken and human rights have been violated in a number of occasions.

The President of the United States can and must release the Cuban Five. People from all over the world that are signing this document, demand justice as well as immediate release of the Five.


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  1. Let the Five be Freed ya! Apoyamos la lucha cubana contra el embargo ginocidal y la liberacion de Rene,Gerardo,Fernando,Ramon y Antonio. Friends of Cuba Society North West-South Africa

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