May Day marches to show mass backing for Congress agreements

May Day marches to show mass backing for Congress agreements


LOGO-1MAYO• THE marches for this May 1 in the Plaza de la Revolución and other traditional sites throughout the country, will be the first opportunity since the 6th Communist Party Congress for millions of Cuban men and women to show support for its agreements, the will to fulfill them and strong unity around the Revolution and the Communist Party.

May Day marches to show mass backing for Congress agreementsThis is what Salvador Valdés Mesa, member of the Political Bureau and general secretary of the Cuban Workers’ Federation, affirmed toGranma at the end of one of the thousands of special morning meetings at workplaces throughout the country, during which workers have expressed their commitment to celebrate Labor Day en masse.

The celebrations will be a brilliant culmination of the mass and popular participation of workers and the people in the broad and democratic discussions of the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution finally approved at the 6th Congress, Valdés Mesa stated.

“We have to make ours the decision that slogans around work, productivity, efficiency and savings that workers, campesinos, students, young people and all of the people united will be carrying in the marches, will not remain on placards, but will be instituted as inescapable duties in our daily life.

Translated by Granma International • 


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