National Conference Convocation

• THE 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba has concentrated its efforts on an analysis of the Economic and Social Policy Draft Guidelines for the Party and the Revolution, conscious of their decisive importance for the future of the homeland.

It is up to the Party to devote itself immediately to the implementation of the resolution approved by the 6th Congress as to the Guidelines.

The role of the Party is decisive in this critical endeavor. It will require, at the same time, an enormous amount of work, organizational effort and constant, effective ideological work, going beyond formalities and based on continual contact with the population.

Given this objective, the 6th Congress issues the call for a National Conference on January 28, 2012 which will have as its principal focus evaluating, with objectivity and a critical eye, the Party’s work and determining, with a spirit of renovation, the changes necessary to place the Party in a position to meet the challenges of the current circumstances.

The determination to “change everything that needs to be changed” contained in the brilliant definition of Revolution made by compañero Fidel Castro Ruz, will dominate the spirit of debate and the decisions made at the National Conference on the basis of efficiency, intelligence, resolve and a vision of the future. Among the priority issues to be addressed are:

– Modifications in the methods and style of work, in order to define and consolidate the Party’s role as the organized vanguard of the Cuban Revolution and the preeminent leading force in society and the state.

– The Party’s cadre policy, with emphasis on the promotion of women, Blacks, those of mixed race and youth to leadership positions, both political and in other organizations and institutions, always based on individual merits and accomplishments. Establishing time limits on tenure in leadership positions within Party bodies at all levels.

– The role of the Party in the leadership of and systematic oversight of the updating of the economic model and the progress of the economy.

– The strengthening of internal democracy and efforts to make the Party’s work more dynamic; promoting initiative and the struggle against rigid and bureaucratic attitudes; eliminating bad habits such as improvisation, formalism, false unanimity and opportunism.

– The revision of methods and the conception of relations with the Union of Young Communists (UJC) and other mass organizations.

– Planning the work of the Party, leaving behind prejudices against non-state sectors of the economy.

The revolution is the work of many generations which have made it their own, especially the youth in every stage of this long struggle. As a guarantee that it will always be so, we must make the necessary changes required to strengthen political attention to our youth and children and guarantee that they will be able to play their rightful leading role in the construction of a new society.

The documents which will be submitted to the National Conference with be debated beforehand by the ranks and Party leadership bodies, and, as appropriate, the leadership of the UJC and other mass organizations at different levels.

It is absolutely necessary to find the best ways to confront the current historical period, the enemy’s ideological aggression, formulated to demobilize, divide, confuse and create uncertainty, disillusionment and consumerism. Communication and propaganda must be more creative, systematic, critical and aesthetically attractive.

The 6th Congress, conscious of the changes needed to improve the Party’s work, authorizes the National Conference to consider and establish basic concepts and ideas to guide the modification of statutes and other internal regulatory documents, as well as structures, in any way that may be necessary. •


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