A modest vote

Alberto Núñez Betancourt

HE didn’t even expect to be a delegate to the 6th Party Congress. Doubting that he deserved so many tributes, he considered it an honor awarded him by Communist Party members in Santiago.

The Party militant with singular modesty followed every detail of the meeting and around noon on Monday, the 18th, he received, hand delivered by Raúl’s aide, a ballot with the list of candidates for the Central Committee. Precisely at 12:57pm he exercised his right to vote, offering another lesson in discipline and humility.


This soldier of ideas, as he has chosen to describe himself since the proclamation of July 31, 2006 when he delegated all his responsibilities within the Party, the state and government, did so for the unity which he has always defended as a basic principle of the Revolution.

Such greatness requires no title or appointment.


This is exactly what Raúl said in his final words at the Congress, “Fidel is Fidel and doesn’t require any formal position whatsoever to occupy, forever, a monumental place in history, now and in the future of the Cuban nation.”


With absolute integrity, as one who holds dear Martí’s maxim, proclaimed so many times, that, “All the glory in the world fits within a grain of corn,” the leader of the Revolution entered the final session of the memorable Congress. The admiration of those present witnessing his virtue and modesty was expressed immediately. Tears filled many eyes within the main hall of the Convention Center and innumerable Cuban homes.


And there seemed to be no end to the applause, the longest I have heard in my life.


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