Fidel Castro Attends Closing Session of Communist Party Congress

Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro Ruz attended the closing session of the 6th Congress of Cuba’s Communist Party, which wound up at Havana’s Conventions Centre on Tuesday, after three days of working sessions.

During the Congress, which began on April 16, delegates discussed and approved the main report of the event, which was introduced by Raul Castro in the opening session.

Five working commissions and a plenary session considered the Draft Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution, which were approved after renewed exchanges and many consultations with the people.

The 6th Congress also agreed that the government should set up a permanent commission for the implementation and development of the adopted guidelines, which would not interfere with the functions inherent to the bodies pertaining to the Central Administration of the State.

The delegates considered that the main report to the Congress as crucial to undertake future tasks, particularly in the economic field, while it also constitutes an objective assessment of the important moment that the country is currently living.

At the same time the pillars that support Cuba’s independence and sovereignty will always be prioritized, such as the unity of the people and their permanent determination to defend socialism at any price.

The 6th Congress entitled the Central Committee to make recommendations to the Cuban Parliament in order to improve the organs of the People’s Power, the electoral system and the political and administrative division.


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