Cuba Disqualifies the Rhetoric of Protection in Geneva

GENEVA. – Cuba dismissed the false rhetoric of protection promoted by the powers of the North in the Human Rights Council (HRC), United Nations, saying it aims only at oil-rich territories.
During the general debate on item 10 of the sixteenth session of the Council, the permanent ambassador of Cuba in Geneva, Rodolfo Reyes, said that concerns occur curiously only when these countries have oil, gas and mineral resources.
Also when they have a privileged military geo-strategic situation or in the design of international flows of energy resources, or its authorities actively reject the imperial opinions, he said.
The diplomat argued that now the HRC is working hard on the promotion and protection of all human rights for all. There is no need for new concepts or questionable terms in their scope and purposes, he said.
The Responsibility to Protect has been manipulated as a doctrine of military adventures of the Northern powers, in which operational forces are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians classified as collateral damage, he said.
In this regard he noted that they are not alien to the torture, extrajudicial executions, arbitrary arrests and rapes committed by the alleged agents of protection.
Cuba will not accept that this Council be forced to act on the basis of spurious purposes. Several Northern powers are not interested in the life or well being of millions of civilians in the South, he said.
Reyes asked the reasons why developed countries do not act aggressively to protect the Palestinian civilians, and if they cooperate closely, and some even provide military assistance to the occupying authorities.
The ambassador stressed that Cuba will be the first to defend the application of the concept of Responsibility to Protect when the UN General Assembly sets the boundaries, content and program framework of the concept. (PL)

Granma Daily



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