New Session of the Security Council on Libya

UNITED NATIONS, March 21 (PL) .- The Security Council has again discussed Libya, amid growing criticism of the military action launched against it under the resolution adopted by that body five days ago.

On Thursday the UN body in charge of ensuring peace and security, authorized the imposition of the no-fly zone in Libya and all necessary measures against government forces.

Two days later, aircraft from France, the United States and Britain began air strikes against the territory of the North African state, including an installation belonging to the residence of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The resolution that paved the way for military aggression against Libya was passed with abstentions from Russia, China, Germany, Brazil and India.

The first two are permanent members, with the power of veto, while the latter two appear as strong contenders to reach such a condition after the planned reform of that body, claimed by virtually all 192 countries of the organization. The affirmative votes were those of France, the United States, United Kingdom, Colombia, Lebanon, Nigeria, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Africa and Gabon.

The new session of the UN body responsible for ensuring peace and security was called after meeting strong criticism of the attack on Libya from Russia, China and South Africa among other countries.
On Monday, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin likened the attacks against the Arab state to the crusades of the Middle Ages, and believed that the Security Council resolution is flawed and is viscious.
The leader stated that the perpetrators of the aggression against Libya, under the pretext of defending the civilian population, have no logic or scruples.
Earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Jiang Yu, deplored the military offensive and reiterated Beijing’s rejection of the use of force in international relations and its commitment to respect the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Libya.
Also, the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, today urged on behalf of his country and the African Union, the cessation of military action in Libya and an end to foreign intervention.
South Africa is opposed to the doctrine of regime change and foreign occupation of Libya or any sovereign state, the president said, according to news reports received at the headquarters of the UN.

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