In Geneva Cuba Deplores the Attitude of Western Countries

Cuba deplored before the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) the attitude of several Western countries bent on imposing their harmful practices through their inquisitional tribunal against the South.

The Cuban delegate Luis Amoros made his speech on subject four of the 16th session of the HRC, but also was forced to use the right of reply to respond to interventionist positions of the Czech Republic, Sweden, the United States and the European Union.
Amoros said that the group, the cynically insisting on the weakness of the Council to consider the situations of countries, actually seeks the return to the discredit that caused the end of the defunct UN Commission.
With its claim that human rights situations be addressed by the HRC only exist in countries of the South, they support their hegemonic delusions of outdated ex-metropolis and decaying colonial imperialist superpower, he said.
Their interest in turning the Council into a new court of inquisition against the South, is also seeking to extend immunity from prosecution for human rights violations committed under their international power, he added.
The diplomat stressed that no phrases have been heard of regret or self-criticism for extrajudicial executions using of high technology such as smart munitions and unmanned aircraft.
The United States, Israel and others in NATO assume that such actions are legal, even though they cause death, especially of innocent women and children, he said.
To elaborate on the matter, Amoros said the North Block makes no mention of the secret illegal prisons accepted in European territories, or its facilitating secret transit flights with hostages.
Nor participating in torture or condemning the brutalities and indignities committed by U.S. in Abu Ghraib, Bagram and Guantánamo, he said.

Granma Daily




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