Chileans Call on Obama to Lift the Blockade against Cuba

SANTIAGO DE CHILE, March 19 (PL). – A few hours after the arrival in Chile of U.S. President Barack Obama, political parties, social organizations, indigenous peoples and recognized intellectuals made statements condemning the blockade against Cuba by Washington.

In this capital, the Communist Party, the Teachers College, university associations, groups of Relatives of the Disappeared and Victims of Political Executions and the Chilean Movement of Solidarity with Cuba described the blockade as the greatest of human rights violations against a country.
The leaders of these organizations accordingly called to repudiate the presence in Chile of U.S. president in a popular mobilization scheduled for Saturday in the Plaza de Armas de Santiago.
Today they are brewing destabilizing actions against the revolutionary process in Cuba and Venezuela and other countries like Ecuador and Bolivia, said Peter Bronzic, leader of the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba.
Speaking to Prensa Latina, Bronzic stressed the feeling of gratitude that the Chilean people hold for the international outlook of the island.
Cuba has shown that a better world is possible, Bronzic stressed, urging Obama to release the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly imprisoned in U.S. jails: Fernando Gonzalez, Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, René González and Ramón Labañino.
Also representatives of the Chilean indigenous people expressed their solidarity with Cuba in a statement signed by more than twenty indigenous authorities, who declared that the Mapuche people will join the protests throughout Chile against Obama’s visit.
The Anti-Imperialist Union and the Jose Marti Cultural Association in the city of Concepción, the Bío Bío capital, equally staged demonstrations in repudiation of what they described as imperial practices that the U.S. president represents and defends.
The brutal blockade of Cuba remains unchanged despite the strong global condemnation and the unacceptable U.S. interference continues in the internal and sovreign affairs of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua, the Anti-Imperialist Union said in a statement.
As an expression of the claim for an end to the historic hostility of the White House against the Cuban Revolution, the Committee of Solidarity with Cuba Gladys Marín gave a letter to Obama at the U.S. embassy in Santiago, which called for freedom of the five Cubans.
The arbitrary arrest and detention of Gerardo, René, Ramón, Antonio and Fernando for denouncing the terrorist activities against their country constitutes an act of maximum injustice, stressed the letter.
Among dozens of political, social, trade union and student organizations and public figures who made their claims against the blockade and for the release of the five parties are the Communist, Christian Left, socialist Allende and Broad Social Movement parties.
Also there were representatives of the Socialist Party, Radical Party for Democracy and Social Democratic and exponents of the Confederation of Workers, the National Confederation of Copper and Writers Society of Chile.
For the Chilean magazine Punto Final it is lamentable that Obama has not corrected the policy against Cuba that his predecessors had imposed.
The assault on the Cuban people of the blockade is an insult and an affront to Latin America, the publication said in an editorial letter intended for Obama.

Granma Daily




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