Terrorist Posada Carriles’ defense limited to attacking Cuba

WASHINGTON, D.C. January 13.— The defense team of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles at his trial for immigration offenses in the United States is limited to attempting to demonize Cuba, a U.S. activist stated today.

In a telephone interview with PL, Gloria la Riva, member of the National Committee to Free the Five, noted that during the opening of the trial in El Paso, Texas, lawyers for the accused tried to disqualify documents and statements from Cuba.

She revealed how, using many technical terms, Posada’s lawyers stated that the defendant never lied on denying his involvement in the Havana hotel bombings, which killed one person, because he was only the leader and, as such, was speaking in general terms.

“It is obvious that they have a very weak defense, because Posada Carriles clearly lied, although he only faces charges for perjury and immigration fraud,” La Riva emphasized. The U.S. authorities are not considering the terrorist record of the accused.

For his part, attorney José Pertierra, who is representing the Venezuelan government at the trial, indicated that the lawyers tried to convince Judge Kathleen Cardone to authorize then to inform the jury that Cuba falsified records, distorted evidence and is fabricating witness testimonies.

However, the judge rejected those arguments on the grounds that the defense failed to present concrete evidence, CubaDebate adds.
Translated by Granma International

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