Neoliberalism: an attack to the future

Written by Alberto Ajón and Raúl Menchaca
Tuesday, 28 December 2010 19:51

Havana, Cuba.- The student protests in several cities of Europe and Puerto Rico against the neoliberal attempt to increase the price of registrations and semester payments in public universities, represent an attack against the future of the new generations. 

In a Round Table on the world-wide present time, journalists Elsa Claro and Randy Alonso, and the leader of the Puerto Rico Mission in Cuba, Edwin González, described the violence college students are facing in Rome, London, Paris and other European cities, as well as in the Puerto Rican capital. 

In Italy, with the poorest educational system in Europe, the government will reduce 85 percent of scholarships, which has broken out a movement already described as urban guerrillas.

In San Juan of Puerto Rico the police brutally represses the student strike of more than one week demanding the increase of 800 dollars for every semester.

Journalistic blow or mean political intention?

Less than a week ago, the British newspaper The Guardian assured in its cover that the Cuban government had prohibited the exhibition in the Island of the documentary Sicko, by the American film director Michael Moore. 

The much talked of blow of the London metropolitan newspaper, based on one of secret cables from the Department of State just filtered by Wikileaks, was analyzed by journalist Reynaldo Taladrid in the section La Esquina (The Corner) of the usual radio-TV program The Round Table.

Taladrid pointed out that the publication of that note brought about an angry reaction from Michael Moore, who remembered publicly that his documentary one was exhibited by the Cuban Television on April 2008, and it even had several repeats.

It was such a dislate, that The Guardian had to to issue a denial although the rectification could not conceal a whiff of a mean political intention surrounding the subject. 

Fidel, Mandela and Barrio Adentro

The Round Table also exhibited the documentary Together in fight, an evocation of the close friendship between Nelson Mandela and Fidel. 

The brief tape by Chile Robert, released in the opening of the Worldwide Festival of Youth and Students, put together fragments of Mandela´s stay in Cuba and Fidel´s  in South Africa, but mainly it demonstrates the moral form of two men connected by history, fight and victory. 

In the end of the radio-TV program it was broadcasted the report Lives, that shows moving testimonies by Venezuelan children, women and men saved by Cuban doctors in the Barrio Adentro Mission.

The emotion of those people marks a work of journalist Belkys Pérez who confirms the humanist nature of a medical project that goes beyond the Island´s borders to be an example for the world.


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