Fruitful debate on first 128 guidelines in National Assembly

● Cuban Five send message to parliamentary session

ON the second day of the 6th Ordinary Session of the 7th Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power, proposals from deputies on the Economic and Social Policy Development Project of the Communist Party and the Revolution were debated and clarified through its Chapter 5.

Photo: Ismael FranciscoPresided over by President Raúl Castro, Thursday’s session covered the project through Guideline 128, and Marino Murillo Jorge, minister of economy and planning, with the support of arguments from other ministers, explained the concept of the document, beginning with its antecedents and going on to the central ideas contained in the first five chapters.

After the discussion on each group of guidelines, Murillo concentrated on proposals made by deputies, followed by more speeches from parliamentarians, which made it possible to cover every issue in a fruitful manner.

Today, the debate continues on Chapters 6 through 12, which cover social policy; agricultural policy; industrial and energy policy; tourism policy; transport policy; construction, housing and water policy; and trade policy.

At the end of Thursday’s session, National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcón showed deputies and invited guests a piece of art with a message from Gerardo Hernández, also signed by Antonio, Fernando, Ramón y René. The appreciation of all those present was expressed in heartfelt applause for that gesture on the part of the five Cuban heroes for being a constant source of inspiration in defense of the Revolution and socialism.

Translated by Granma International


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