Assassin Orlando Bosch to Receive Tribute of Miami’s Terrorist Mafia

MIAMI, October 11.— Terrorist organizations of the Miami mafia will pay tribute on October 12 to Orlando Bosch Ávila, one of the people responsible for the explosion in mid air of a Cuban civilian aircraft off the coasts of Barbados in 1976, which resulted in the death of all 73 people on board.


A column published by El Nuevo Herald, invites to the lecturee Cuba: Guerrilla war, to be held at the Bacardi Center of that city, which be attended by well-known terrorists and “historians” like Enrique Ros, Enrique Encinosa and Agustín Alles.

Enrique Ros is an apologist for Bosch and the father of the congresswoman of Cuban origin Ileana Ros-Lehtinen -known as “the Ferocious Wolf,” since her participation in the kidnapping of Cuban child Elián González in Miami.

Agustín Alles Soberón was news director of the anti-Cuban Radio Martí radio station, while Enrique Encinosa used to work for La voz de la resistencia (The Voice of Resistance), a clandestine radio station that instigated terrorist actions in Cuba from Central America, linked to Luis Posada Carriles, the other terrorist responsible for the sabotage against the Cubana airliner, the Cubadebate Web site reports.

The bonds of Ros-Lethinen with Bosch are public. In 1990, The New York Times published an editorial in which it stated: “in spite of the fact that more and more people find terrorism repugnant, even among the most recalcitrant Cubans in exile, Senator Connie Mack, Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and other politicians have exerted intense pressure to achieve the release of Dr. Bosch from prison.”

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