North Korea: US-South Korean Maneuvres Seek Military Control

PYONGYANG, September 21.—The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea said today that the aim of the upcoming joint maneuvers of the United Sates and South Korea is to grab military control of Northeast Asia, pointing out that it will be a nuclear war drill.

These remarks were published by the Rodong Sinmun newspaper with regards to the anti-submarine operations both countries will be carrying out next week in the South Sea of Korea, and which had to be postponed earlier this month due to a typhoon.

Washington and Seoul undertook similar exercises in July and August.

The report added that the Pentagon is planning to incorporate George Washington aircraft carriers to these maneuvers for the aforementioned purposes.

The source underscored that the situation in the Korean Peninsula is so tense that the smallest accident may set off a war, and noted that “if US warmongers continue to increase the number of troops and military exercises in that burning zone, the situation could have an unforeseeable outcome.”

The newspaper states that the people and the army of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea cannot remain with their arms folded while US actions continue to threaten that country’s sovereignty.

According to the initial announcement of these five-day maneuvers, the Pentagon will employ Curtis Wilbur and Fitzgerald destroyers and a fast attack submarine. South Korea, on the other hand, will use four destroyers, a submarine, high speed frigates and P-3C aircrafts. (Prensa Latina news agency)


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