Nominee for Director of Radio and TV Marti involved in delivering secret communication devices to Cuba

by Jean-Guy Allard
Sept. 22, 2010

In 2002, Carlos A. Garcia-Pérez, former board member of the terrorist organization Cuban American National Foundation (CANF), who the Obama Administration has selected to head up Radio and TV Marti, the U.S. government’s anti-Cuban propaganda pirate stations, participated in an operation to deliver secret communication equipment to Cuban “dissidents” using the territory of Puerto Rico and “other areas in Latin America”.

According to Miami press reports regarding the anticipated appointment, citing “sources familiar with the process,” Garcia-Perez must be confirmed by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), which oversees US government broadcasts of destabilization and interference – including Radio and TV Marti, the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Radio Free Asia and various transmissions to the Middle East – a network closely linked to intelligence agencies.

Carlos García-Pérez is a Cuban-American living in Puerto Rico and working as an attorney for Goldman Antonetti & Cordova, PSC (GAC) with headquarters in the American International Plaza Building of Hato Rey, the business district of San Juan.

Born in the U.S., the wealthy son of Cuban immigrants, he studied successively at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Hofstra Law School in New York, specializing in economics and international relations. He was admitted to the bar association of Puerto Rico in 1990.

According to the Puerto Rican press archives, he was an active participant in a project carried out by CANF, a dependency of the CIA, that involved using Puerto Rico and “other areas in Latin America” (left unspecified) to send “direct assistance” to so-called dissidents in Cuba.

This CANF project, according to publications, had a budget of “around 1 million dollars” and entailed sending  computers, sophisticated communications equipment, and cash to the island “through a secret network”.

According to a 2002 statement made to journalist Matthew Hay Brown, of the Hartford Courant in Connecticut, by Joe Garcia, then executive director of CANF, the Miami mafia organization had already recruited “dissidents in Cuba for meetings and training sessions in third countries.”

This practice is typical of operations promoted by USAID, the U.S. agency for international destabilization, a close collaborator of the Central Intelligence Agency.

For his part, Garcia-Perez told the Courant reporter that it was “critical” at that time “to encourage this movement.”

The San Juan lawyer did not specify his exact role in this operation that blatantly violated the sovereignty of Puerto Rico – like so many activities undertaken by U.S. federal agencies in Cuba.

The CANF was founded in 1980 by Cuban-American millionaires and led by CIA agent and terrorist Jorge Mas Canosa with the support of the Reagan administration in 1980. It has financed criminal activity several times through its paramilitary committee that, among other things, encouraged, financed and directed the campaign of terror unleashed in Cuba in 1997 by Luis Posada Carriles and a troop of mercenaries recruited in Central America that claimed the life of a young Italian-Canadian, Fabio Di Celmo.

Puerto Rico was the scene of another CANF plot inspired by the continent’s most notorious terrorist. The La Esperanza yacht was intercepted there in 1997 on its way to the Venezuelan island of Margarita where the crew intended to assassinate then Cuban President Fidel Castro. The owner of the vessel was Antonio “Toñin” Llama Muñoz, then board member CANF, while Francisco “Pepe” Hernandez, then president of the “Foundation” was the owner of one of the 50 caliber rifles found on board.

With virtually no audience in Cuba, Radio and TV Marti has about 170 employees and an annual budget of about $35 million. Both organizations have devoured a total of $500,000 million taxpayer dollars in recent decades. Its current director, Pedro Roig, with a past tainted by mercenary work for the CIA and its affiliated terror promoting organizations, has recently resigned as a result of a series of corruption scandals.


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