More Women Joining Cooperative Farms

`                                                                                                           September 15th, 2010

More Women Joining Cooperative Farms

Juan Varela

Over the last few months another 14,508 women have joined the cooperative farm movement in Cuba. This increase, which raises to 54,131 the total number of women members, is in line with an agreements by the 10th Congress of the National Association of Small farmers (ANAP). From that total, 10,637 are cooperative members, and the rest are agricultural workers.

At the same time, the average of women per cooperative continues to grow, and was at 15 halfway through the month of August. The provinces of Havana, Havana City,

Cienfuegos and Sancti Spíritus head the list of territories excelling in this task, a joint effort by the ANAP and the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC). Guantanamo and Holguin provinces record a lower incorporation rate.

A program that encompassed a significant number of cooperatives was launched on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the FMC on August 23. The aim was to lead those farms to increase their average of women members to 20 or more, which 1,360 entities managed to do.

The increase in the number of women chosen for managerial positions is an important step -59 of the 301 women in leadership positions were cooperative presidents.

Orlando Lugo Fonte, president of the ANAP, told this newspaper that the increase was mainly due to wives and children of farmers joining agricultural work taking advantage of Decree-Law 259.

Women membership had been described as weak during the Congress, and cooperatives unable to create employment for women were publicly mentioned by name.

To attain the figure of 100,000 women in cooperative farms this year demands increasingly coordinated actions by all participants. The goal, difficult but feasible, would increase to 23 the average of women per cooperative, a figure that had already been achieved by Havana City on the occasion of August 23.

Daily Granma


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