Chavez Says the Venezuelan Opposition Is Desperate

President Hugo Chavez said that the Venezuelan opposition is desperate as their defeat in the upcoming September 26 elections becomes more evident.

According to Chavez, his political rivals wanted to see the country sink in chaos in order to seize control of the National Assembly and use it to destroy the Bolivarian revolution, the Prensa Latina news agency reported.

They promoted economic, electric and food crises, organized sabotages and terrorist attacks with the support of the US empire, but now that there is only one month left for the elections polls show that the people is not on their side.

Chavez said that something that attests to their desperation is their behavior on the eve of the inauguration of the campaign.

“They’ve been provoking and attacking us. Yesterday they wanted to take the National Assembly,” said Chavez in a speech at the graduation ceremony of a group of Venezuelan medical students.

Chavez described the plans of the opposition as evil and encouraged Venezuelans to vote as their conscience dictates. “Those who love their homeland, follow me on road to socialism. The rest, that’s their problem,” he said.

During the graduation ceremony held for the medical students, Chavez denied rumors of having been diagnosed with cancer.

“The escualidos (Chávez’ radical opponents) are saying I have cancer. They want to see me dead, but they’re going to be disappointed. I, however, wish them all the health in the world, so they can live to see their defeats,” he commented.

On September 26, over 17,500,000 Venezuelans will be called on to elect the 165 Assembly deputies.

Surveys conducted to date concur that the revolutionary alliance, a block made up of socialists, communists and political allies, shall come out victorious.


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