Fidel and Colombians for Peace meet in Havana

A representation of Colombianos y Colombianas por la Paz (Colombian Men and Women for Peace), headed by Senator Piedad Córdoba, was received by Fidel yesterday morning in Havana, thus fulfilling the commitment made to the legislator in an earlier meeting between the legislator and the leader of the Revolution to assess the contribution that fighters for peace, such as her, could make to avert the conflagration now discernible as world threat of unforeseeable consequences.

Your browser may not support display of this image. This time the senator was accompanied by five human rights defenders: the Jesuit priest Javier Giraldo; Carlos A. Ruiz and Danilo Rueda; Hernando Gómez, psychologist and university professor; and filmmaker Lisandro Duque. After an initial exchange of impressions on the situation in the region and in the world, Fidel reemphasized his hope that a man like Obama, of African descent and with a Christian and Muslim upbringing – characteristics similar to those of the Colombian legislator – is able to hear the voices of those who, after enduring so much warfare, are placing all their efforts in obtaining peace, and who could dissuade him from pulling the trigger.

Fidel commented to the visitors that he spent August 13, his birthday, with old compañeros of the struggle and also asked them if they had hopes of being able to halt the war that could break out once the period given in the UN Security Council resolution has expired.. “We would be in a very bad way if we didn’t harbor the hope that humanity will not go to war,” he commented, persisting in his conviction that it is always possible to mobilize people if they are aware that their actions for peace embody the possibility of saving themselves and saving everybody.

Senator Piedad Córdoba recalled for other delegation members her impressions of the first meeting with Fidel a few days back: “Fidel is capable of looking on Obama as a human being who synthesizes in himself many chance things: for being born from whom he was born, for coming from where he comes from and for what those origins represent within religious creeds. Thus, his request represents an appeal to those many things that sensitize that human being in order to prevent war.”

On leaving the meeting, which lasted close to two hours and during which Fidel gave the visitors signed copies of his book La victoria estratégica, Piedad commented with emotion,

“This is like a second opportunity given to us by life and history. And the fact that Fidel is alive, it is like God, the creator of us all, has said to all of us: ‘Well, I leave it to you, you have that opportunity. As he has said so many times, if we don’t unite, we lose and wars are not won by strength. It is time for reason and politics and for me, personally, I am fired by the fact that life is giving us that gift.”

Translated by Granma International


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