Venezuela will Always have the Firm Support of the Cuban People

The statement was made by Cuba´s First Vice-president Jose Ramon Machado Ventura during the central rally to mark July 26 and which was presided over by Army General Raul Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers of the Republic of Cuba.

Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, First Vice President of the Councils of State and Ministers reiterated in Villa Clara, and before the martyrs of the heroic deed, that Cuba ratifies its commitment of being faithful to the ideals for which they fell in action.

At the central rally for the 57th anniversary of the attacks on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes barracks, which was presided over by Cuban President Raul Castro, Machado Ventura said that the leadership of the Communist Party decided to dedicate July 26 to Simon Bolivar in the context of the 227th anniversary of his birth and to the bicentenary of the beginning of independence wars in Our Americas.

Also member of the Political Bureau of Cuba’s Communist Party, Machado stressed Cuba’s solidarity with Venezuela and he said that the sister nation has full right to defend itself as it can always count on the firm support of all the Cuban people.

Machado Ventura said that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was expected to speak at the rally but he had decided to stay in his country because at this moment he is commanding his heroic people in their response to threats launched by the empire against Venezuelan national security and sovereignty and against his own life.

Vice-presidents Rafael Ramirez and Ali Rodriguez and six ministers and other comrades, who are taking part in the Cuba-Venezuela Summit, attended the important Cuban commemoration on behalf of the Venezuelan people.

Machado noted that the Summit will allow the advancement of bilateral relations between both countries to a higher level, the supervision of ongoing projects and the start of others for the benefit of both nations.

As a symbol of the close relations between the Cuban and the Venezuelan people, Machado Ventura evoked a historic passage as he recalled that Cuban National Hero Jose Marti once arrived in Caracas, and without shaking off the dust of the trip, went straight to pay homage to the centrally located statue of The Liberator on his horse.

He recalled the passion that Marti felt for Bolivar by quoting some of his words about The Liberator: “…because what he [Bolivar] did not finish, is still unfinished; because Bolivar still has much to do in the Americas!”

Referring to Cuba, Machado pointed out that our struggle is a proof of what a nation can achieve in the face of the Empire.

The First Vice President underscored that the successful health recovery of Fidel Castro is the reason for progressive women and men beyond our borders to feel happy and added that Fidel is present and he is fighting today, a day with special meaning to him and to us.

He referred to the deep admiration felt by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro for the freedom campaign undertaken by Simon Bolivar; he said Fidel has read Bolivar’s works, which is present in the book “Toda la gloria del Mundo cabe en un grano de maiz” (All the glory of the world fits into a grain of sand).

Those ideas included in this book, said Machado, date back to 1992, precisely the year in which Chavez headed his people to the February 4 uprising that would give continuity to Bolivar’s dreams. That action, like the Moncada attack, was the forerunner of the booming and irreversible Bolivarian Revolution,” he said.

Che Guevara—he stressed—would be proud of this act of patriotic and Latin American commitment, a cause he always championed.

The top government Cuban official congratulated the people from the provinces that got the condition of outstanding territories for their economic and social achievements this year: Ciego de Avila, Havana and Granma, and Villa Clara that won the venue for the central commemorations.

Talking about the achievements of Villa Clara, Machado said that the territory has found stability over the past 12 years, with advancement in the industrial sector, livestock, agricultural production and tourism, along with other achievements in the areas of education, culture and healthcare.

After the damage inflicted by the hurricanes that hit us some years ago, the people unleashed intense efforts amidst the adverse context that resulted from the global crisis—which we are not responsible for, though we are suffering its consequences—along with the anachronistic US blockade plus the increasingly noticeable effects of climate change, he said.

Machado quoted Raul Castro’s speech at the 9th Congress of the Young Communist League that “the economic battle is, today more than ever, the main task and the heart of the ideological work of the leaders, because it is crucial for the sustainability and preservation of our social system.”

In this direction, he pointed out that food production is an essential sector of the economic battle, which must continue to be top priority. He also stressed the importance of saving resources, reducing expenses and being very efficient in using labor and resources.

“We will continue with studies, analyses, as well as decisions that lead us to overcome inefficiencies and improve society; but these decisions will not be populist, demagogical; they will be taken with a sense of responsibility, step by step, without improvisations or rush to avoid errors and to leave behind the errors and measures that are not in tune with the current conditions,” said Machado, who went on to add “we do not fear any difficulties or challenges.”

He also recalled Fidel’s words in a speech for the 20th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Barracks, when the Cuban Revolution leader stated: “While that day we were just a handful of men, today we are all the people striving for their future.”

“The martyrs of that deed did not fall in vain– said Jose Ramon Machado Ventura– and their sacrifice made it possible for the triumph on January 1, 1959.” And he closed his speech voicing the words of Che Guevara: Onwards to Victory for Ever.

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