US Teacher Denied Access to Work For a Trip to Cuba with Students

NEW YORK, July 21.—A teacher from a Manhattan high school has been denied access to work for travelling to Cuba with his students in 2007, despite the bans by the school leaders and local authorities, reported EFE.

According to an article released today, the municipal agency supervising the New York schools decided that Nathan Turner, a History teacher who worked at the Beacon High School in the Upper West Side neighborhood , cannot be hired in the city ever again.

The authorities consider that Turner was the only one responsible that some students failed to respect federal laws banning tourism to this Caribbean island three years ago.

Turner, who gathered 30 students and made all arrangements for the trip through a religious organization, had previously managed to travel to Cuba with Beacon students in 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2005 with the consent of the Department of Education of New York State.

The document highlights that the director of the education center was unaware of the restrictions of students´ trips to Cuba until 2007, and that she did not know that they had travelled to Cuba till they came back and were detained by the US Customs officials in the Bahamas.

Turner quit his job at the Beacon Institute in 2008 and moved to New Orleans where he is at the helm of a community project.

Diario Granma


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