The Blockade of Cuba Remains the Same: US Authorities Confiscate PCs Donated to Cuba by Vancouver Residents

TEXAS, July 23.— US Customs officials confiscated five computers bound for Cuba that had been donated by Vancouver residents as part of the 21st Cuba-United States Friendship Caravan, sponsored by the Pastors for Peace Inter-religious Foundation .

“I think this is just a harassment and intimidation tactic,” said Janine Solanki, a member of Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba.

Janine, who is traveling to Cuba as part of the caravan, said that the guards told them that an investigation should be conducted to confirm whether the computers could be used for military purposes.

“These computers are Pentium 4s that are five-year-old used computers, so it’s a bit of a ridiculous charge,” said Solanki. “That doesn’t even make sense, because they confiscated five of them and left another 55 computers with us.”

“And so this is something we have seen in past years,” said Solanki. “In 1996, they confiscated 400 computers and we actually had a 94-day hunger strike until they were released after getting international pressure on them.”

Solanki said the limited seizure was just to “annoy us and to show that they can confiscate the computers, but they didn’t confiscate them all so as to avoid a big international protest.”

Diario Granma

July 26, 2010


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