Fidel visits National Scientific Research Center

LAST Wednesday, July 7, the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, visited the National Scientific Research Center (CNIC) as part of celebrations for the 45th anniversary of the institution, the forerunner of Havana’s Scientific Complex.

At the CNIC, founded on July 1, 1965, he was met at noon by Dr. Carlos Gutiérrez, general director of the institution, with three of its leading directors.

Of course, when word got out that Fidel was there, the staff gathered and gave him a warm impromptu welcome, to which Fidel responded with words of gratitude.

The CNIC was the first scientific center founded by the Revolution. It has trained more than 20,000 specialists in different fields and has given rise to other important institutions, such as the Agricultural Health Center, the Immunoassay Center, and the Chemical Pharmaceutics Center.

Many of the most prominent technical-scientific cadres and directors of centers throughout the country were also trained here.

Currently, the CNIC is attached to the Cuban Ministry of Higher Education and is dedicated to scientific research with advances in natural, biomedical and technological science.

The center’s mission is to bring precise scientific solutions to biomedical and technological problems of economic and social importance to the country and to manufacture advanced scientific products that can compete on the world market. In order to guarantee this, it works through the entire process; in other words, undertaking the research, manufacture and marketing of its most effective products. (Taken from CubaDebate)

Translated by Granma International


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