We Shall Never Settle for a Half-Way Revolution

If tired, go for retirement; but do not become a hindrance, do not become an obstacle, do not stand in the way. There is much to do, and this is a task for revolutionaries. It is not enough to have been a revolutionary yesterday; one needs to be a revolutionary today, and a revolutionary tomorrow.

And not being a hindrance is also a way of being a revolutionary.

Come new leaders, come new generations of men; let the fittest be promoted; let nobody cling to their honors, or their positions, because that is something that has always cost the people dearly. Come new generations better than us, new generations fitter than us, that we will gladly be giving them our vanguard position. But what we shall never do is stop being revolutionaries. We shall never be content with half a revolution, we shall never resign ourselves to the least, but to the most, we shall never stop half way.

We believe we have the right to call ourselves revolutionaries, but we shall not have that right if we stop moving forward.

(Fidel, September 28, 1966)


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