Total impunity: In Miami, killer Novo Sampoll swears never to give up violence


GUILLERMO Novo Sampoll, the hired killer whom the CIA used for years to do its dirty work against Cuba from the United States, and from other areas of the continent, has sworn that he will never give up violence and terrorism and will not ask anyone for forgiveness of his crimes.

In an interview given to CubaNews, a specialized bulletin published in Wheaton, Maryland, Novo – who, along with his brother Ignacio Sampoll, Gaspar Jiménez Escobedo, Pedro Remón, Dionisio Suárez, Virgilio Paz, Luis Posada Carriles and others – was one of the bloodiest killers employed by U.S. intelligence against Cuba, affirmed that he has no remorse of any kind for what he has done. “I will continue believing that this is the way,” he repeated.

Based in Miami, where he benefits from the impunity from prosecution granted to Cuban-American terrorists by the FBI, openly laments that, in 50 years, he has not been able to assassinate leaders of the Revolution, something which he views as a failure.

He regards the “movement” of the so-called dissidents – trained and financed in Cuba by the CIA via the USAID – as weak. “They are confused… and live with constant brainwashing and are not exposed to other ideas,” declared the criminal, who emigrated to the United States from Cuba at the age of 15 and immediately became part of the CIA network of anti-Cuban terrorist groups.

In 2004, Novo Sampoll was sentenced in Panama for acts of terrorism together with Posada Carriles, as a result of plotting to blow up an amphitheater full of students and members of popular organizations meeting there to listen to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz.

In another part of his interview with journalist Tracey Eaton, the CIA hitman recalled how his father, a Spanish immigrant representing a U.S. manufacturer of Max Factor cosmetics, died when the boiler of his neighbor, who made glue for shoes, accidentally exploded.

Novo Sampoll did not say exactly what his participation was in a whole string of acts of terrorism, but he did specify what he considers the feats of his accomplices, who were all trained, instructed and financed by the Central Intelligence Agency in line with the Plan Cuba ordered by Eisenhower, the U.S. president during the initial months of the Cuban Revolution.

He took part in a failed bazooka attack on the UN building in New York with his brother Ignacio, while Comandante Che Guevara was addressing the international organization’s General Assembly. Arrested by local police, he was released on the pretext of not having been advised of his rights.

As the capo of the so-called Cuban Nationalist Movement, he was also involved in the assassination of former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier in September of 1976 in Washington, and in dozens of criminal acts throughout the world against Cuban interests.

In the course of the interview, Novo abstained from mentioning his participation in CIA operations in the Southern Cone, where he acted as a terrorist and murderer within Plan Condor.

In Argentina, when the military torturers of the sinister Orletti Automobiles clandestine garage invited their “colleagues” from U.S. intelligence, the CIA sent in Miami Cubans, among them Novo Sampoll, who was engaged in the so-called “war through the pathways of the world,” carrying out attacks and  murders in different countries, with his Coordinación de Organizaciones Revolucionarias (CORU) terrorist organization.

When those same Argentines kidnapped two young Cuban diplomats, Crescencio Galañega Hernández, aged 26, and Jesús Cejas Arias, aged 22, on August 9, 1976, the FBI and the CIA sent Novo Sampoll to Argentina to interrogate them, even though he was on parole, together with the Chilean agent Michael Townley, currently living in exile in Miami.

The two young Cubans disappeared forever. It is said that their bodies were thrown into the wet cement foundations of a building under construction.

Novo Sampoll was never questioned by legal authorities in the United States regarding this horrific crime, despite the fact that several members of the military have repented and testified during the course of official investigations in Argentina, among them, General Manuel Contreras Sepúlveda, former head of the Chilean DINA, in a statement to Argentine Judge María Cervini de Cubría.

The terrorist confided that he is constantly in contact with Posada Carriles. He believes that Posada should not be tried. “How many Cubans enter this country illegally and receive political asylum the next day?” he asked, shamelessly asserting that the octogenarian terrorist had nothing to do with the mid-flight sabotage of a Cuban passenger plane in 1976, which caused the death of its 73 passengers and crew.

“He is a happy man,” the thug, now aged 65, asserted.

Novo’s incendiary statements, given in his home in Mafiosi Miami, were made while five Cubans, who infiltrated Cuban-American terrorist circles, like the one to which Novo belongs, remain sequestrated in U.S. prisons.

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