Cuba willing to dialogue with EU on equal basis

PARIS, June 10.—Cuba today reiterated its disposition to maintain a dialogue with the European Union (EU) on a basis on reciprocity, sovereign equality and non-interference in internal affairs, reported PL.

At a meeting here between Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez and his Spanish counterpart Miguel Angel Moratinos, the Cuban minister once again expressed his regret over the EU’s Common Position.

“We reject the European Union’s interfering and unilateral Common Position toward our country, which constitutes the principal obstacle to the full normalization of relations,” specified Rodríguez.

In response to an invitation from the European side, this morning the Cuban foreign minister held a ministerial meeting with the EU troika, continuing the process initiated in October 2008 in Paris.

According to an official note from the Cuban delegation, during the meeting, the community bloc expressed its interest in increasing cooperation with the island and the establishment of a contractual framework between the two parties.

Rodríguez affirmed Cuba’s disposition to negotiate a bilateral relations framework with the EU including political links, trade and cooperation.

The diplomat also expressed Cuba’s desire to maintain respectful links that, evidently, would require the EU to recognize and treats Cuba on an equal basis, taking into consideration respect for the sovereignty of states.

Also taking part in the meeting, besides Moratinos as the rotating president for Spain, were representatives of the European Commission and the General Secretary of the EU Council.

Translated by Granma International


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