Millions of Cubans take to plazas and avenues this May Day

FROM an early hour, millions of Cuban men and women have been invading the principal plazas and avenues of the island’s municipal and provincial cities, where parades for International Workers Day are taking place this Saturday.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Television footage and radio reports reveal the mass nature, enthusiasm, color and combativeness of these mobilizations, the first of which begins in Santiago de Cuba, whose General Antonio Maceo Plaza is overflowing with tens of thousands of happy and patriotic people.

One of the central reasons and motivations moving the sons and daughters of the homeland of José Martí  and Fidel Castro to turn out for the May Day celebrations is the imperative of sending a signal to the world of the unity of the people around their Revolution and leaders, at a time when imperialism and its lackeys are attempting to discredit it.

Workers, students, campesinos, housewives and combatants are all affirming that neither anti-Cuba media campaigns nor internal provocations by the counterrevolution can deter the advance of this social project.

They are accompanied in dozens of the island’s plazas and avenues by representatives of trade union organizations and solidarity groups who have come here from various parts of the world to confirm that Cuba is not alone, that its example is multiplying, and that its achievements and principles are defended worldwide.

Before the parades or events have even begun, the collective sentiment palpable everywhere here is, without any doubt whatsoever, that today will be a resounding demonstration of unity and response to this new escalation of international counter- propaganda on the part of the enemies of the Revolution.


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