Most Distinctive: the Massive and Active Participation of our People


            Most Distinctive: the Massive and Active Participation of our People

Ana Maria Mari Machado, president of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), told Granma

We are just hours away from the transcendental Cuban elections tomorrow, Sunday, and although all the provisions for the election are ready, the more than 250,000 comrades directly involved in this democratic exercise are not resting.
Ana Maria Mari Machado is one of them, only as the top electoral official, but as president of its National Commission, the time is reducing and the tensions are increasing.
Voting will begin at 7 am with 8,468,144 citizens with the legal capacity to exercise the vote, according to the basic part of those registered in the Register of Electors, she reiterated at the beginning of the interview.
Logically, she explains, this figure will be changed by the inclusions and unavoidable casualties that occur, and the registry is updated continuously. An outstanding element is the fact that 325,464 young people may exercise their rights as citizens for the first time, being 16 years old by tomorrow.
Just released as Vice President from the Supreme People’s Court at the time of assuming responsibility as President of the NEC in January, Ana Maria has devoted herself to this as another important stage in her career.
Is the massive and active participation of the people very distinctive? 
She explains that their role is diverse: the electoral authorities come from the people (not officials or professionals in this work), the massive attendance at the nominating assemblies, the quality of the candidates, support staff  the more junior players in the electoral arena: the thousands of pioneer children who will guard the polls.¼ and Sunday, ensuring the process, as employees of the entities that are responsible for ensuring the various activities inherent to the polls 
Although this is the fourteenth electoral process (even though the orchestrators of campaigns and repeaters of lies insist on denying that there are elections in Cuba), it is useful to provide some clarification.
The most important points is to remind all voters that these partial elections are to decide, with our vote in each constituency, which candidate, nominated by ourselves, is qualified and able to represent us in the municipal organs of state power. Therefore, in addition to attending the vote, this means VOTING FOR ONE, AND ONLY ONE, OF THE CANDIDATES.
Ana Maria reiterates the useful details we need to know beforehand, for example, the school that we have assigned to vote at, to check if we appear on the voters list, review the biographies of the nominees, and come to the corresponding polling station with our the identity card or military documentation.
She clarifies that while the electoral authorities have been thorough in the ongoing review and updating of the registry and voter lists, to cover any eventuality, say an internationalist, a worker on a mission or a person visiting a foreign country and is coming back, has the right to exercise their vote at the table in their place of residence by presenting the corresponding identity. Also, a teenager who this day celebrates their 16th birthday, can do so with their Minor card.
Members of the 29,856 tables that will be working, as well as the rest of the electoral authorities are trained to deal with these and other cases, so that any citizen with the right can vote.
And those physical-motor disabilities who want to vote and can not go to the school?
We have always looked after these cases, she says. A family member or related person goes to the table, tells one of its members and facilitates their vote, guaranteeing the privacy and compliance with all requirements.
Can other situations arise for which there is no provision for voting?
They occur frequently, clarified the President, insisting that these are elections to choose delegates from base, the area where they reside and to represent their interests. Therefore, a voter outside this area cannot vote for a candidate of another, because it would not make sense and the law says so
And the scrutiny?
It is public, and members of the committees and other election officials do this witnessed by how ever many people wish to watch, once the voting hours at 6 o’clock. That distinguishes the transparency of our process.  The candidate who obtains more than half the votes validly cast is considered elected, and if there is a tie or no one reaches that amount, there is a 2nd Round, this time set for Sunday May 2, and if even this does not decide the vote, there would be a 3rd date, which is determined by the CEN.
Final recommendation to the electoral authorities?
Act in complete adherence to the law. That their performance is at all times ethical, professional and impartial, and provide attention to every voter to exercise their right.
Referring to the elections tomorrow, the President concluded:
The key to success will be the successful preparation of the electoral authorities for the massive presence of the electors and the exercise of a conscious vote. That will be the best and most forceful response of our people to the media campaign being waged against the Revolution, and the greatest demonstration of their support for the political system that we defend at any cost necessary.
What is a good deputy for Ana Maria Mari Machado?
A person who in the voluntary performance of this function, can mingle a lot of sensitivity, responsibility and commitment to their constituents, so that in the Municipal Assembly they study, think, contribute and enrich the topics to be discussed from their experiences and those arising from their relationship with the voters.


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