Evo condemns capitalism for destroying the planet

COCHABAMBA, Bolivia, April 20.— Bolivian President Evo Morales yesterday condemned here the capitalist system, which he described as principally responsible for the destruction of the planet, PL reports.

At the inauguration of the First People’s World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, he stated that the consumerist system is the principal enemy of Mother Earth, as it seeks profits to the detriment of nature. 
President Morales showed the audience a plastic plate, a product he considers to be a pollutant of the environment. 
“Capitalism is the source of the asymmetries and inequalities in this world,” he emphasized. 
Addressing 15,000-plus representatives from five continents gathered in the Esteban Ramírez ecological stadium in the town of Tuquipaya, Morales read out a letter to future generations to alert them that the planet is sick due to capitalism, which attempts to turn everything into merchandise. 
In the missive, the president stated that a wounded Mother Earth is giving us warning signals with earthquakes, seaquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and droughts, hence the need to protect the environment. 
In the text he also called attention to climate migrants, some 50 million people, a figure that could reach 200 million victims in 2050 on account of negative environmental impacts.
He also criticized the recent 15th UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (Denmark) and the so-called “understanding” of its member nations, because the demands of social organizations and indigenous peoples were never listened to there.
At this inaugural event, individuals speaking on behalf of five continents and some 130 countries participating in the Mother Earth Summit, also backed Bolivia’s initiative to organize a world referendum on the environment on October 12 and to constitute an International Climate Justice Tribunal to try governments and businesses that put life on earth. 
A colorful religious ceremony and Bolivian music concluded the opening event of the Mother Earth Summit.

The Bolivian Amuata Commission was in charge of leading a wajata, in which Andean priests and representatives from indigenous communities from the five continents took part. 
To the sound of pututus, quenas and zampoñas, typical Andean instruments, the Amatuas requested permission from “Father Cosmos” and “Mother Earth” to advocate positions of consensus in defense of nature and humanity.

Translated by Granma International


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