No space for Agent Montaner

Jean-Guy Allard

A strange dialogue recently occurred via open letters between the famous Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez – of universal fame and with a talent that has been celebrated many times over – and CIA agent Carlos Alberto Montaner, a fugitive from the Cuban justice system for placing bombs in cinemas and stores in the 1960s. He also collaborated with the assassination of religious figures in El Salvador and currently identifies himself with the troop of coup gangsters which took power in Honduras.

The controversial correspondence between the Cuban, whose songs are heard and sung on every continent, and the State Department propagandist who abandoned the United States to work for the CIA in Falangist Spain during the 1970s, is now being published on every website that carries the stamp of yanki intelligence, beginning with El Nuevo Herald.

In the exchange, Silvio expresses himself with the nobility that characterizes him and the unpatriotic Montaner writes with his usual deceptive language affiliated to so-called public diplomacy, managed in days past by Otto Reich and now under the guidance of the Hillary Clinton – John Negroponte duo.

The ping pong match, which placed the Cuban singer and intellectual on one side and the owner of the covert mechanism of U.S aggression to spread systematic disinformation – ordered, coordinated and synchronized by the U.S intelligence agencies – on the other.

And that owner is an unsavory character who divides his time, conspiring throughout, between his residence in Retiro Park in Madrid and his property on Brickell Avenue in Miami.

Without going into total detail – he has spent more than 50 years of servile collaboration dreaming of annexing and definitively defeating his country of origin – it is worth outlining most notorious acts of Montaner’s political delinquency:

—On Monday, December 26, 1960, in the early morning hours, Montaner was arrested in Havana along with 16 terrorists in a wide-ranging operation to dismantle a network placing bombs in stores and cinemas in the city.

—In July 2007, in a popular radio program in Miami, the terrorist boss and CIA agent Antonio Veciana – linked to several failed attempts to assassinate Fidel – confirmed in detail how the so-called “cigarette case bombs” and other artifacts found with the Montaner group came directly from the Central Intelligence Agency.

—Sentenced to a lengthy prison term for terrorism, Montaner escaped, with the help of his mother, from the detention center for juvenile delinquents where he was being held. He left Cuba for the United States on September 8, 1961 under the protection of a foreign embassy working in the service of the Americans.

—A little after his arrival in Miami, Montaner confirmed his connection with the CIA, admitting during an interview with journalist Angel de Jesús Piñera from the Avance magazine (published on April 27, 1962), that he belonged to the “Rescate Estudiantil’s national leadership of Action & Sabotage” affiliated with subversive and terrorist networks activated by the CIA in Cuba.

—In April 1962 Montaner formally became a member of the CIA, given that enough time had passed for him to prove his reliability through his actions.

—A text from the UPI agency on July 20, 1963, taken up by the New York Times, describes how Montaner declared himself the spokesman of the Cuban Military Units organized by the CIA within the U.S. Army, and stated that “a new exile organization was planning extensive actions against the regime of Fidel Castro.”

—After a chaotic stay in Puerto Rico, he unleashed a media scandal in New York that was printed in all of the Hispanic news sources, by declaring that the majority of radical Puerto Ricans in that city were prostitutes.

—Starting in 1970, and with logistic and financial support from the CIA, which wanted to give him the image of an intellectual in exile, the “democratic” Montaner, enjoying the goodness of the regime toward him, set up a juicy propaganda business that he continues to operate today.

— One eloquent detail: On September 23, 1994, he accompanied José María Robles, a famous capo from the Falangist Partido Popular in Spain, to visit Antonio “Toñin” Llama, director of the National Cuban-American Foundation (CANF), in Miami. Llama is the man who confessed in a June 2006 interview with the mafia Miami Herald how he bought explosives and remote control helicopters to bomb a popular demonstration in Havana’s Plaza de la Revolución.

—The deaths of Jesuit priest Ignacio Ellacuría and his colleagues are linked to Montaner on account of his intense hatred of preachers of liberation theology.

—On February 1 of last year, along with Esperanza Aguirre, prima donna of the Spanish Partido Popular that is currently directing the offensive against Cuba in the European Parliament, Montaner led a ridiculous demonstration of members of the Frente Nacional and Alternativa Espanola, Spanish fascist groups affiliated to the neo-fascist European network.

—Beginning June 28, 2009, Montaner turned into an apologist, alongside Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, of businessman Roberto Micheletti who led the coup in Honduras, and he appeared in Tegucigalpa “to defend human rights,” while applauding how the fascist regime in Honduras went after demonstrations on the part of the resistance movement.

At almost 67, Montaner is fully united with the most vocal part of the Cuban-American mafia, which called for the destruction of Havana at the moment of the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

This category of recalcitrant people at the service of the empire, as repulsive as they are incorrigible, have spent 50 years condemning the country that was their homeland, dreaming of delivering it to new ideologists of the “ripe fruit.”

Translated by Granma International


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