Nobel Physics laureate opposes anti-Cuba campaign


Outstanding poets from Latin America and the Caribbean join the “In Defense of Cuba” appeal Repercussions in Spain 
Pedro de la Hoz

RUSSIAN scientist Zhores Alfiorov, winner of the 2000 Nobel Prize for Physics, rejected the latest anti-Cuba campaign orchestrated by international right-wing forces and is demanding respect for the Cuban government’s sovereign decisions.  

Alfiorov made his statement in Moscow during a meeting at the State Duma (Parliament) to review scientific cooperation between Cuba and Russia.  

Both Alfiorov, recognized for his innovations in high-speed semiconductors, and Ivan Melnikov, vice speaker of the Duma, signed the appeal, “In Defense of Cuba,” promoted by the Mexican chapter of the In Defense of Humanity Network.   

The document, which condemns the interventionist statements of the European Parliament, was also signed by Colombian Fernando Rendón, founder of the International Poetry Festival in Medellin; Ecuadorian writer and poet Raúl Pérez Torres, winner of the Casa de las Americas Prize; and Jamaican essayist Keith Ellis, a special guest at the Nicolás Guillén Colloquium and Festival of Music and Poetry, which opened this Monday in Havana.   

In Spain, where the corporate media has lined up behind the anti-Cuba campaign, 1,576 intellectuals, activists, academics and solidarity organizations have signed the appeal.   

Translated by Granma International  


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