Another 6.3-magnitude earthquake shakes Chile

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, March 4.— Another earthquake shook Chile on Thursday, although this time its magnitude was 6.3 and its epicenter was located in the Antofagasta region in the north of the country, according to Carmen Fernández, director of the National Emergency Office (ONEMI), Europa Press reports.

The center of the tremor was at a depth of 105 kilometers and 65 kilometers northeast of Calama, capital of the Norte Grande mining province, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

The Telesur network reported that, despite government efforts, there were difficulties with food supplies and water for the victims, as well as other basic services.

The Chilean La Segunda daily reports that a total of 203 aftershocks have been registered in the country since the 8.8-magnitude earthquake that struck the central-south region of the country on February 27, and experts are anticipating another significant quake.

The powerful earthquake resulted in an as-yet unknown number of missing persons, 500,000 homes destroyed and some two million victims.

The reconstruction of the areas of Chile destroyed by last Saturday’s earthquake and tsunami will take three to four years, according to government sources.

According to international assessments, the resources needed for national reconstruction total a staggering figure of $30 billion, although that is not a final total, given that information is lacking on certain areas where aid has not yet arrived.

Additionally, the Chilean agricultural sector has been severely damaged, PL reports. The National Agricultural Society explained that the sector is highly compromised, given that 76% of the country’s agribusiness is concentrated in the regions most affected by the quake. Apart from agriculture, the other areas most affected are the communications and energy sectors.

Translated by Granma International


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