The revolutionary for all time

THE image of Martí — the revolutionary who spoke of yesterday and today — is like one of those giant trees whose roots take hold and grow more and more as time goes by.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Martí takes hold and grows unstoppably — not underneath, but over the earth — and will grow every year and every day in the creative work of the Cuban people, the revolutionary efforts of his people.

We have seen him grow in the parades of schoolchildren whom he so loved; the recitals, songs and popular concerts; the solemn tributes at his monuments.

The connections are tangible between the ideas and actions of the man who fomented the war of ’95 and the ideas and actions of the men and women who triggered the current revolutionary process. They are all the thesis and synthesis of the fact that when required by the situation, the people organize and create the revolutionary vanguard to carry out their historic tasks.

Martí’s concept of the need for a party to organize and lead the revolutionary struggle serves as an inspiration for our Party to lead the Revolution and the building of socialism in our country: the homeland of the man who thought and acted as a visionary, the man whose ideas fertilized those of the generations who followed, the man who was not a lone voice crying out in the wilderness, but the ideas and actions that encountered multitudes.

There are three conceptual cores that intertwine the Cuban Revolutionary Party founded by the “intellectual author of the assault on the Moncada Garrison” and our Party: the revolution as a process that is guided and organized; the indispensable participation of the masses in that process, and the threat posed by U.S. imperialism to the future of the peoples of Our America.

Martí’s love for his country, his struggle for its freedom, his ideas and actions, and his infinite example are an enduring inspiration without any foreseeable end; he is and will be a revolutionary for all time.

Translated by Granma International

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