Ricardo Alarcon Says U.S. “Contractor” Arrested in Havana Worked for the Secret Service

CUBA, January 7, 2010 — Speaking to reporters after taking part in the swearing in ceremony of the national electoral commission held at the Jose Marti Memorial at Revolution Square in Havana on Wednesday, Cuban Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon referred to the case of the US citizen arrested in Havana last month.

He said the alleged contractor was hired by an enterprise that recruits people to serve U.S. secret services. He said this procedure reflects the extent to which the private sector is involved in military affairs and of how war has become a “business”.

Alarcon recalled the words of President Raul Castro on December 20th, at the National Assembly, when he said that the enemy is as active as it’s ever been. Just a few days ago, we arrested an American citizen euphemistically referred to by State Department spokesmen as a contractor, who would illegally supply sophisticated satellite communications equipment to members of the so-called civil society or opposition.

Alarcon said the man is still under investigation and that “he is much better off, much better -he emphasized- than the victims of those contractors throughout the world.” ( Cubaminrex – RHC)


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