The Washington Post: Cuba Poses No Threat

Washington, Jan 5. – The Washington Post, one of the most prestigious paper in the US, denies in an article Tuesday that Cuba poses a threat to US national security.

A document signed by the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winner, Eugene Robinson, rejects the idea of including the Caribbean country in the list of sites whose travellers need to be thoroughly checked at US airports.

Robinson makes reference to the US Department of State’s decision to toughen security measures with travellers from the island and another 15 States considered unstable or terror promoters.

Cuba poses no terror threat. Cuba is not a failed State with territories out of governmental control. The idea that a Cuban citizen could get explosive artefacts or have terror accessories of any kind in the island is simply ridiculous, the journalist commented.

Cuba is one of the latest places on Earth where Al Qaida would try to establish a group and even less try to launch a terror attack, Robinson said.

With such arguments, he slammed the Obama government for its hesitating stance towards the Cuban issue, and rejected the sustained US blockade on Cuba and travel bans. (cubaminrex – Prensa Latina)


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