A commitment to the peoples of the Alliance

by Anneris Ivette Leyva García

WITH the announcement of having taken a priority place on the agenda of the 8th ALBA Summit which recently concluded in Havana, Cuban Deputy Health Minister Marcia Cobas received the 116 geneticists, physiotherapists, psychologists and other Cuban specialists who, in just one month, have undertaken a study of people with disabilities in four regions in the Republic of Bolivia.

hoto: Ismael Batista
Photo: Ismael Batista

“Now, as part of an ALBA mission, our President Raúl Castro has directed us to conclude the work initiated by Fidel; and for that reason, our commitment now is not only to our maximum leaders but to the peoples that make up the Alliance,” she emphasized.

After congratulating them on their excellent work, the deputy minister particularly acknowledged the attitude of approximately 40 doctors currently working as part of the Manuela

Espejo Mission in Ecuador who, prior to their request to join that project, were part of the Moto Méndez brigade in Bolivia, thus demonstrating their vocation for solidarity without concern for geographical borders.

For Roberto Lardaeyt, a specialist in clinical genetics with previous experience as a cooperative worker in Venezuela and Ecuador, the Moto Méndez Mission is an opportunity to grow as a human being, given that it involves taking clinical and technical care – normally reserved the world of the elites – to the poorest and most remote homes.

Likewise, he was able to visit the site of the original burial of Che, the greatest inspiration for Cuban internationalist doctors and whose example, together with those of Fidel and Chávez, has given them the strength to overcome the most adverse climate and harsh conditions.

On behalf of MINSAP officials, Isabel González from its Department of Information, expressed their thanks to the members of this brigade – over 80% of whom are women – for having counteracted the despair of those excluded on account of physical-learning difficulties with a large dose of love and dedication, the best medicine in a world in which not everything is lost.

Translated by Granma International


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