Agent Micheletti

Jean-Guy Allard

THE late CIA agent Philip Agee, who dedicated himself to identifying and denouncing his crimes after resigning from the agency, would have predicted it some time ago: Robert Micheletti, current leader of the Tegucigalpa military/business junta, has all the characteristics of a yanki intelligence agent, recruited at a certain moment by some Langley official assigned to the Honduran Embassy.

It’s important to observe the emotion that the future Honduran dictator had on July 16, 2008, when he was president of the National Congress, when he conferred The Great Cross with Gold Badge, the Central American country’s highest distinction, to Charles Ford, the U.S. ambassador to Honduras at the time.

This was the same Ford who a month early had rudely proposed to the country’s new President, Manuel Zelaya, that Honduras should provide refuge for international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

For this act of servility, Micheletti called together members of the same coup leadership that conspired for 11 months to remove the legitimate president from the country.

Other officials present at the meeting included Vilma Morales, the president of the Supreme Court of Justice; General Romeo Vásquez Velásquez and several of his officials; the attorney general and deputy attorney general; the human rights commissioner, and the president of the Supreme Electoral Court.

The mafia was completed by the heads of the one dozen families who dominate the country and who saw to Zelaya’s kidnapping and expulsion to Costa Rica.

When, during this same period, the then-U.S. deputy secretary of state and undercover CIA agent John Negroponte visited Honduras, he paid particular attention to Micheletti.

The former Bush ambassador in Baghdad had just finished a tour that suspiciously took him to Guatemala and El Salvador as well.

In Tegucigalpa he visited President Zelaya, with whom he discussed the decision of the president to convert the Palmerola base, occupied by the United States, into a civilian airport, to which he commented, “It can’t be done overnight.”

Negroponte later met in private with Micheletti, but nothing is known of the content of that extensive encounter. “He did not disclose the main subjects discussed in his conversation,” a local newspaper reported.

But it is known that Negroponte –official CIA founder of the cruel 316 battalion – later had secret meetings with the president of the Supreme Court, Vilma Morales, Micheletti’s eminent accomplice; former presidents Ricardo Maduro and Carlos Flores, front line coup members; and the pathetic “Human Rights” Commissioner, Ramón Custodio.

However, there is much more to Micheletti’s file.

In 1985, when Honduras was being suffocated by the imperial boot and – thanks to Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. – the country turned into a yanki base for defeating the revolutionary Sandinista government in Managua, the representative Micheletti was an accomplice to a parliamentary coup attempt when he tried to turn Congress into a constituent assembly.

The intention of the plot was to guarantee pro-U.S. President Roberto Suazo Córdova’s stay in power. Córdova was implicated up to his neck, like his master Negroponte, in the Iran-Contra scandal that involved the trafficking of drugs for arms.

Suazo Córdova was the “little yanki” president who covered up a period of savage repression that is still spoken about with fear in Honduras today.

It’s said that in the 1960s, the present coup dictator was a noncommissioned officer in the Presidential Guard under Ramón Villeda Morales, whose overthrow marked the beginning of a never-ending military dictatorship.

As the son of an Italian immigrant, Micheletti’s political career would be truly inexplicable if he didn’t have some “miraculous” connection. In his case, it was the U.S. ambassador in Tegucigalpa.

Is Micheletti a product of the diabolic machinery whose operation was described in such detail by Philip Agee?

There is much more to say about the hidden relations of the illegitimate president, from his weakness for the murderer and torturer Billy Joya to his affiliation with the Yehuda Leitner smuggling network to his connections to drug traffickers or the yanki congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen, recently awarded by a branch of the CIA.

Micheletti has all the markings of an agent. Nothing is missing, not even the arrogance of someone who thinks that, no matter what the headlines say, he has the trust of his masters.

Translated by Granma International

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