Euro MPs Demand the Release of the Cuban Five

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 27 (acn) Members of the European Parliament from several countries demanded US President Barack Obama in Paris to exert his constitutional powers to free the five Cuban antiterrorism fighters incarcerated in the United States. 

The demand is included in a document signed by left representatives of the European Parliament and by members of the Municipal Council of the French city of Valenton, where most officials belong to the French Communist Party (PCF).

The text requests the implementation of the verdict of the UN Group on Arbitrary Detentions of May 2005, which considered as unjust the incarceration of Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando Gonzalez y René Gonzalez, the Prensa Latina news agency reports. 

Also, its requests the granting of entry visas to Adriana Perez and Olga

Salanueva, the wives of Gerardo and Rene, respectively, so they can visit their husbands in prison. 

Likewise, the signatories to the document asked the European Union and the French government for more prominence to mediate in this matter.


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