Revealed: Cuban terrorists planned to blow up planes on 14 different occasions

Revealed: Cuban terrorists planned to blow up planes on 14 different occasions
Jean-Guy Allard
• A recent investigation has revealed that, between 1959 and 1998, Miami’s Cuban-American terrorists planned to blow up Cuban planes on 14 different occasions, according to Dr. José Luis Méndez, author of several books on anti-Cuba terrorism. 
In an interview commemorating the 33rd anniversary of the sabotage of a Cuban passenger airliner over Barbados (which occurred on October 6, 1976 and caused the deaths of 73 people), Méndez emphasized that the perpetrators remain unpunished. 
“The U.S. authorities know that international terrorist Orlando Bosch Avila and his organization (of which Luis Posada Carriles is a member) hatched the plot to blow up this plane,” he stated. 
“This is not only backed up by investigations undertaken in Cuba: U.S. Associate Attorney General Joe D. Whitley, who analyzed hundreds of public documents and secret CIA and FBI files, concluded that CORU was responsible for the attack and the top leader of this terrorist group is Bosch.”
“That attorney general recommended that asylum be denied to the terrorist on the grounds that it would constitute a threat to the national security of the United States and what happened?” asked Méndez, adding: “George W.H. Bush, who was his chief at the CIA, proceeded to give refuge to Bosch when he was the U.S. president. Just like Posada Carriles, Bosch is at liberty in Miami. These are the double standards of the U.S. authorities when it comes to their terrorists.”
You have spent many years investigating this subject. Was the sabotage of the Cubana Aviation plane on October 6, 1976 the only act planned?

A recent investigation reveals, with no doubt whatsoever, that from 1959 to 1998, anti-Cuban terrorists hatched 14 plots of this kind. Fortunately, the Barbados act was one of the few that they succeeded in carrying out, but there were a lot of threats and they almost succeeded in Panama and Jamaica. I should add that they were responsible for the deaths of 100 people and 89 were injured as a result of these criminal plans. It was not just planes that were affected but airports, tourist and travel agencies, freight companies, airlines, in total there were 118 terror attacks in the period that I mentioned. 
Cuba has been the most affected country. And the United States?

Yes, properties, Cuban citizens and firms have been affected, but also citizens and organizations from another 14 countries as well. In second place, the United States has been the victim of attacks by these terrorists, who are tolerated and protected; this internal enemy who inhabits its cities, who champions extreme violence in order to achieve its objectives of overthrowing the Revolution. As you know, terrorism on the part of anti-Cuban organizations is a domestic issue in the United States that remains unresolved: it has the enemy within. 
Why, in your opinion, is the U.S. public ignoring this reality?

If current generations of U.S. citizens do not know these facts, it is because they are manipulated and the reality is concealed from them. They have a wall of silence in front of them. They have no idea that, of the 118 terror attacks perpetrated by terrorists of Cuban origin on civil aviation organizations and other firms, 35 were on U.S. properties, some 30% of the total. Some 78 attacks – 66% of the total – occurred on U.S. territory, in different cities. This demonstrates the extent to which these criminals have threatened the national security of the United States. 
Is there any hope that Bosch and Posada Carriles will be tried for all the crimes committed?

We have to fight so that these criminals settle their accounts with the justice of the peoples and prevent, once and for all, anti-Cuban terrorist organizations from relying on the protective shield of the U.S. authorities, so that terrorism is no longer a threat to any country. People need to know the reality so that the truth opens up the way. •

Translated by Granma International


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