Heavy repression continues in Honduras – 85 year-old woman detained in Stadium

From Tegucigalpa

The Stadium Chochi Sosa is being used as a concentration camp. Hundreds of people are inside. There is grave fear that the Stadium will be used as Pinochet did in Chile, and those hundreds – increasing all the time – will be killed. There is torture. They are opening another stadium for the same purpose. Amongst the people captured is an 85 year-old woman who had been going to the marches every day.

At least 3 people have been confirmed killed by teargas including one 8 year old child, and other deaths have been reported.

The curfew was extended to all the daylight hours of Tuesday, then Tuesday night, then all daylight hours of Wednesday, but on Wednesday morning we got an announcement that the curfew was suspended 10am to 5pm for people to go shopping and it is suspended for the daylight hours of Thursday too.

But repression continues during suspension of curfew. At 3.15pm on Wednesday a huge march arrived at the central park but shots and teargas bombs were reported to be fired into the crowd and police tried to follow protesters home.

We must now expect the curfew to be ‘normal’, with shopoing allowed between 10am and 5pm.

The curfews in July/June were ended partly through international pressure, but they were only at night, so this is a real escalation of the extremely precarious situation. The curfew is ILEGAL, unconstitutional, but it is very dangerous to go outside because of the military presence.

Groups of about 1000 people are marching on the streets, but there are live shots, rubber bullets and teargas thrown onto the crowd. There has been spontaneous marches in neighborhoods and these are attacked by police.

There are some 300 people accompanying President Zelaya at the Brazilian Embassy including many who stayed there since Monday afternoon. They are without access to food, water or electricity.

The regime cut basic services to this whole neighborhood and on Tuesday morning the army fired a tear gas bomb in the Embassy affecting all persons inside. The regime has also announced its intention to ´clean out´ the embassy. This is despite US President Obama saying that if they do the US will treat this as if it was an attack on the US Embassy. Red Cross is not permitted by the regime to assist people in the embassy with food or medical attention.

There has been many illegal arrests. People are being hunted in the streets of Tegucigalpa and Comayaguela, people’s homes are being invaded, and hospitals searched to illegally arrest and put people into the Stadium Chochi Sosa.

Because of the curfew the hospitals lack staff to do cleaning and cooking.

Local shops were emptied because of curfew and so many go hungry.

There is a lot of interference with Radio Globo, and Channel 36, the media that are against the coup and repression. Their signals are constantly interrupted – I have seen the TV go blank many times. The military are trying to drive away the national and international journalists from the Brazilian Embassy and its surroundings to prevent them from reporting. A noise machine to make deafening sounds has been used against people there.

The channels supporting the coup are running, misinforming and putting on normal entertainment programs.

Calls for UN peacekeepers have had no response so far.

All airports remain closed.

Telephone networks controlled and service is limited.

Military also control transport and electricity

Live ammunition is fired on streets where there are protests

Most of the country is militarised and there is no freedom of information, movement, association, no human rights.

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