International community demands end of the blockade of Cuba

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), which is the largest trade union organization across the United States and Canada, voted a resolution demanding an end to the US blockade of Cuba and the elimination of restrictions on travel to the island.

Presented at the national congress of the organization held in the northern city of Pittsburgh, resolution number 44 took many people by surprise, given the conservative reputation of the AFL-CIO.

The resolution recognizes the inefficiency of the US blockade of Cuba, “the harshest ever imposed by the United States on any country.” The UN General Assembly has voted against it every year since 1992.

The resolution states that this policy toward Cuba is an obstacle for the relations between the US and other countries. The document also noted that following the visits of a Latin American and Caribbean presidents to the island, the US blockade was condemned at the summit of heads of state and government held in Trinidad and Tobago a few months ago.

The text states that numerous congress-people have denounced the “negative impact” of anti-Cuban laws in the US, and demands an end to all restrictions on travel to Cuba.

With the appointment of a former coal miner as the new president of the organization, the AFL-CIO elects a new president for the first time in fourteen years. (Jean-Guy Allard)


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