The brilliance of your modesty

LAS TUNAS.—With thousands of memories, the people of Las Tunas recalled Juan Almeida yesterday, Sunday. But one – quite recent – lies deep in the heart of the city. It dates back to July 2007 when, dressed in white, the Commander of the Revolution entered a shoeshine parlor on the first stretch of a boulevard under construction. Air conditioning, daily newspapers, peace and downtown Havana. 

“Get up on that chair. I’m the one who’s going to shine your shoes. I’m going to remember the times when I was a shoe-shine boy,” the comandante said suddenly. Somewhat taken aback, the shoe shiner was transformed into “client.” Anticipation. Blessed the melody of those hands moving back and forth. A spontaneous lesson of experience and modesty. Enjoyment, happiness, grace. As a “fallen hero of the people,” a lens captures that instant…perhaps unique, perhaps unrepeatable, but a revelation of the brilliance with which heroes shine the steps of history.  

Translated by Granma International  


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