Cuban foreign minister affirms viability of socialism despite blockade

Havana.  September 3, 2009

Cuban foreign minister affirms viability of socialism despite blockade

• BEIJING, China, September 1. — Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla today affirmed the viability of socialism in his country despite the U.S. policy of aggression, which, he said, remains intact.

Neither the blockade policy, nor the global economic crisis, nor the effects of climate change have been able to break the viability of Cuban socialism, he stated.

The foreign minister was speaking on the subject at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, in a lecture titled “Cuba: An autochthonous and viable form of socialism,” concluding the official program of the first day of his visit to this country, PL reported.

To support his thesis, Rodríguez Parilla said that Cuba’s system has profound historical and popular roots, and is therefore one of renewal and democratic, and it constitutes the guarantee of national independence.

He said that Washington’s policy of blockade, aggression, internal subversion and isolation against his country has failed.

As evidence of that, he said, Cuba has diplomatic relations with 183 of the 192 member countries of the United Nations, and the island hosts more than 31,000 scholarship students from other nations.

Some 51,000 Cuban internationalist workers are providing their services in cooperation with 98 countries, including as advisers in the “I Can Do It” literacy program, and as health personnel participating in the Operation Miracle ophthalmological program, which to date has brought treatment to more than 1.7 million people.

He noted that Cuba continues to develop despite the aforementioned White House policy which has caused more than $236 billion in losses at today’s rates.

In that context, he noted that the policy remains intact under the government of President Barack Obama, and is being strictly applied, with the use of extraterritorial measures and harassment of financial transactions. •


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