UNASUR Foreign Ministers Meeting


United States Seeks to Undermine South American Unity 

QUITO, August 9.— The possibility that the United States may use seven military bases in Colombia is an attempt to undermine South American integration, said Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro in the framework of a meeting of the foreign ministers of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), the AP reported. 

Earlier, Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Fander Falconi had agreed with his Venezuelan counterpart saying that the fact that US military forces have bases of operation in Colombia is a destabilizing factor for the region, and that a crazy arms race shouldn’t be the answer, reported the El Universo newspaper on Sunday. 

Maduro said that these military bases in Colombia are part of a plan designed to transform South America into an unstable region. 

Although the Venezuelan foreign minister didn’t say if the final declaration would make reference to Colombia, he said that UNASUR is the body that should take care of this problem. 

The foreign ministers of the 12 countries that comprise the UNASUR are meeting to finalize the declaration that the heads of States of their countries are to sign at the ceremony in which Chile will hand over the pro tempore chairmanship of this international body.


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