Genocide in Honduras, states human rights defender

TEGUCIGALPA, July 28 (PL).— The Honduran armed forces and police are committing practicing collective genocide, affirmed a defender of human rights in the country, which is one month into the coup today.

Genocide in Honduras, states human rights defenderAndrés Pavón, president of the Human Rights Committee in Honduras, informed the press that, in the face of that reality, it has submitted an appeal for protection to the Supreme Court.

“We came to lodge a writ before the court so that after the coup in Honduras, they cannot say that they were unaware of the practice of collective genocide that the armed forces and the police are carrying out,” the lawyer affirmed.

In its curfews, the de facto regime is violating more than 22 articles of the constitution, such as the right to food and free movement, the legal specialist stated.

The appeal lodged before the Supreme Court’s Constitutional Room seeks to alert it to the “holocaust that is being constructed in the border town of El Paraíso,” the lawyer noted.

Since last Thursday, a huge number of citizens have remained in that town, located 10 kilometers from the border with Nicaragua, in an attempt to join up with President Manuel Zelaya. They are at risk of losing their lives to military repression or a lack of water and food.

Pedro Magdiel Muñoz Salvador, a 23-year-old builder was murdered there and his body, showing visible signs of torture, was found some 100 meters from the El Paraíso police outpost. He had come from Tegucigalpa to support the return of the constitutional president after the coup on June 28.

The de facto government led by Roberto Micheletti imposed a curfew in the border area with Nicaragua last Friday which continues to date. The curfew has trapped many Zelaya sympathizers in a steadily worsening humanitarian crisis, Pavón confirmed.

Translated by Granma International


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