Another anti-coup national strike in Honduras

TEGUCIGALPA, July 30.—Another national strike in the state sector, marches, and the taking of highways and public institutions characterize Honduras today on the 33rd day of popular resistance to military coup.

Another anti-coup national strike in HondurasThe 48-hour strike was called last Sunday by the three main labor union groups at the end of an assembly of the National Front against the Coup organized to adopt strategies for the restitution of constitutional order.

The six national education colleges will be part of today’s and Friday’s demonstrations. In a strategy aimed at recovering days lost in the school year, teachers are returning to the classroom for the first three days of the week. Teachers and professors maintained a strike for three weeks after the coup on June 28.

In the last three days, members of the Front have closed access to the city’s principal luxury shopping malls and stores in reaction to business sector support for the coup leaders.

Yesterday, the protest affected Metro Mall, part-owned by the former president of Panamanian origin, Ricardo Maduro.

The army and riot policy closed in on the demonstrators and caused moments of tension, given the fear of another attack with arms, averted by march leaders, who insisted on the peaceful nature of the demonstration.

Meanwhile, the de facto government has re-extended the state of siege in the eastern department of El Paraíso, which has been subjected to this order for six days, thus provoking a humanitarian crisis in the area.

Army troops and police are still mounting roadblocks on the Pan-American Highway to Las Manos, on the border with Nicaragua, in order to prevent the crossing of thousands of people who are hoping to join up with President Manuel Zelaya, who is preparing his return to the country.

Zelaya’s mother, Hortensia Rosales; his wife, Xiomara Castro; and their daughter Xiomara, have been detained at these military posts since last Friday in their effort to reunite the family.

Popular vigils at the Venezuelan embassy and the Radio Globo radio station continued tonight for the sixth consecutive day in an effort to protect them from police action.

A deportation order hangs over the Venezuelans diplomats. They rejected this order because they do not recognize the de facto government. The radio station has been broadcasting constant coverage of the popular resistance against the coup leaders. (PL)

Translated by Granma International

Havana.  July 30, 2009


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