DEAR compatriots
Friends from around the world:

Once again, the judicial mask of the most hypocritical society ever has slipped, revealing the true face of U.S. imperialism and dealing a harsh blow to the conscience of the world with a cynical message: it will not be its own laws that prevent it guaranteeing impunity for its terrorists.
It hasn’t taken us long to understand what the word “change” means in U.S. establishment slang, at least in the case of Cuba. The tangle of crimes, genocides, arrogance and vile acts upon which the psyche of this empire has been woven will not be unraveled by the election of a charismatic president, opportunely plucked from a still-oppressed sector of the U.S. population. For us five, subjected to more than a decade of base and cowardly cruelty, this is nothing more than the repetition of a familiar moral: no matter to what depth our captors stoop, they will always be able to show us their infinite capacity to sink still further.

For ourselves and for our families, it is now already too late to receive justice. The same goes for decimated indigenous communities; for those countries whose territories have been usurped; for the millions of human beings who have been incinerated alive by incendiary bombs; or “disappeared” by dictatorial accomplices; or tortured thanks to the advice of Yankee officials; or massacred around the world as a result of corporate appetites. It is too late to bring justice to the thousands of victims of anti-Cuba terrorism; the prevention of which is our unpardonable crime.
Faced with these millions of victims; innocent children of all ages; citizens of all races and creeds transformed – in the most dissimilar and ordinary circumstances — into collateral damage; human beings denied the basic human right of living safely in their own homes, in the heart of their families or abruptly uprooted without warning from their daily lives; we five are the fortunate ones. We are five soldiers, conscious and proud occupants of a trench, having chosen to rise up for something rather than dying for nothing, a living mirror of the morale of a people in which the enemy sees itself reflected, filled with impotence and rage, its lack of values, its poverty of spirit, the fragility of its self-image and all of its miseries. We are five revolutionary Cubans that they will never be able to crush, and they will have to live every day with the humiliation of being incapable of understanding why.
For the peoples of the world, the audacity of this process is the reiteration of an old lesson: we are facing an empire that will never make amends for any crime. It will only calculate how it can get away with what it wants. No ethical considerations or universal clamor can detain it, only the price imposed on it by resistance.
For the people of Cuba, to whom this new act of revenge is directed, this is another call to close ranks, not to believe in appearances, to always expect the worst from the aggressor, and never to cease in the construction of a society in which the hypocrisy, revanchism, indignity, lies and cowardliness that propelled a trial like ours are far from being, as is the case with the neighboring empire, citizens’ virtues.
That will be the only measure of justice worthy of all of its victims.
Hasta la Victoria Siempre.


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