NOAL demands Manuel Zelaya’s reinstatement as president of Honduras

UNITED NATIONS, July 6.— The Coordination Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement today condemned the use of force against unarmed civilians in Honduras and called for the immediate reinstatement of Manuel Zelaya as constitutional president of that country.

NOAL demands Manuel Zelaya’s reinstatement as president of HondurasThe declaration, passed in this venue and circulated by Cuba in its role as president of the 118-member nation group, condemns the previous day’s attack by the army – under the orders of the de facto government – on unarmed civilians.

The statement adds that they were peacefully protesting in support of the constitutional president’s return.

The document emphasizes that, as a result of gunshots and tear gas fired on the demonstrators who had gathered to await the president’s return, innocent people were killed or injured.

The Coordination Bureau also condemns the de facto government of Honduras for preventing the plane carrying Zelaya to land in Tegucigalpa yesterday, while he was accompanied by the president of the UN General Assembly and other officials.

It goes on to say that the regime that emerged as a result of the coup d’état has failed to fulfill the provisions of UN Resolution No. 63,301.

Likewise, it emphasizes, to date it has ignored all international and regional efforts and initiatives aimed at restoring democracy and legality in the Republic of Honduras.

In its statement, NOAL fiercely rejects the violent attacks on the people and legitimate government of Honduras. (PL)

Translated by Granma International

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