My dear brothers and sisters of the world:

With the recent decision of the United States Supreme Court, we can see once again the manipulation, superlative injustice and double standards of this country in its supposed war on terrorism.
Nobody should have the slightest doubt that this is a completely political case. Even with the new administration of Mr. Obama, nothing has changed. With this supreme infamy, not only are they closing the doors to the truth about Cuba, they are also pretending not to hear or see the international demands and those of so many prominent individuals.

Far from being daunted, we feel stronger and more impassioned in this fight, all of us united together to do combat until the final victory.
Our strength and optimism does not lie in the courts of this country but in our peoples, in their gigantic solidarity and in the just cause that we are defending: that is why we are invincible.
We five have a duty to our peoples, and despite all the setbacks, we will continue fighting against terrorism, against war, in defense of Cuba and of all the peoples of the world, including the people of the United States itself, even against the will of its government, whose prime mission should be precisely what we are defending.
Today more than ever, our freedom is in the hands of each one of you, of your indispensable international solidarity and the political battle. We trust in everyone, convinced that we shall overcome. It is time to demonstrate the power of our truth and the uncontainable strength of our people. It is time for us to speak out and demand from Mr. Obama that he truly show his desire for change by granting freedom to the united Five.
Let us speak out as a tight team, never permitting the infamy of cruelly isolating our brother Gerardo Hernandez, and to make injustice tremble.
The battle continues, it will only be over when we achieve freedom for all and that is what will happen.
Thank you, brothers and sisters, for existing. Freedom is in your hands.
¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

Ramón Labañino Salazar
June 22, 2009
USP. McKreary,
United States


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