Honduras: resistance movement condemns violations by coup faction

TEGUCIGALPA (PL).—On Saturday June 4, the Popular Resistance Movement Against the Coup D’état condemned the growing repression by the de facto dictatorship led by the oligarchy in Honduras.

Honduras: resistance movement condemns violations by coup factionThe wave of repression is in marked violation of the most elemental rights of the Honduran people, with the complicity of certain deputies within the National Congress, judges from the Supreme Court of Justice and the Attorney General, affirmed the organization in a communiqué.

The message warns that the national army is carrying out the enforced recruitment of young men aged from 15 years, breaking into homes throughout the country and removing them by force.

In this context, the Front is demanding an immediate investigation into these cases and that the young men be returned to their homes.

The communiqué also adds that the Honduran resistance movement has declared a civilian uprising given that the people have lost their constitutional guarantees.

Another point underlined is the fact that despite national and international pressure, the de facto government is continuing with its plans and has formed an illegal cabinet, comprising lackeys of the oligarchy.

We condemn the militarization of the majority of state secretaries, the public ministry, the Supreme Court of Justice, the National Electricity Co., the Honduran Communications Co., the streets and other places, adds the document.

The Front emphasizes that it will maintain and strengthen its campaign of pacific resistance and will not cease until constitutional order is restored.

The organization maintains its demand for the installation of a National Constituent Assembly to draw up a new constitution which would be the point of departure for the construction of a new country, with participatory democracy and social justice.

Lastly, it urges all Hondurans to keep up the resistance and increase the pressure on the coup faction until they secure the restoration of constitutional order and the return of the legitimate President Manuel Zelaya.

Translated by Granma International


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